How To Play Far Cry New Dawn In The Dad Mode?

How To Play Far Cry New Dawn In The Dad Mode?

            Far Cry New Dawn is the latest game by Ubisoft. Far Cry 5 ended with nuclear devastation. Hence, the latest edition of Far Cry lands you up in Montana which is now completely destroyed due to the nuclear war. The role that you play in this game is of a person who helps the survivors to rebuild the kingdom and save them from the greedy Highwaymen. Highwaymen is a gang of people who are involved in some illegal activities and threatens the poor farmers and other survivors of the war. You how to fight with them and save the poor people.

Far Cry New Dawn offers a Dad mode which is favorable for those parents who do not want their children to play violent games which involves shooting and terror. Well, there is a plant your father activities that the player can perform in this game other than shooting. Hence, we have listed down all the possible ways in which you can play the Far Cry new dawn in Dad mode.

Far Cry New Dawns Dad Mode

1. Go Fishing

The game introduces a basic fishing system. Fishing is a completely parent-friendly activity and hence, if you want to make your friend play a dad Mode game, fishing is the perfect activity. You need to all some points to buy a fishing pole. Thereafter, you can go near the river and set for fishing. There are six kinds of fishes available in the water bodies of Montana. Once you have collected all the six fishes, you will get a trophy or badge of fishing. Hence, you can consider going fishing while playing in Dad mode.

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2. Go, Hunting,

If can you allow your child to get a glimpse of hunting, doing so in this game will be amusing. You can buy a map from a vendor or physically explore the Hope country. The war has left most animals dead in the region. However, many habitats can be found in various locations which you can find using the maps. Some of the monsters animals will help you in making weapons which are strong and effective.

3. Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is another amazing thing that you can allow your child to do. There are a number of treasures hidden in the map which has to be located and dug out. The residence of the country had he done a lot of treasures before the bomb was dropped. There are 10 treasures in total. However, some of these treasures are guarded by huge monsters. You will have to shoot and kill these monsters in order to grab the treasure. Moreover, you can get highly valuable items in The treasures which will further help you in the game.

4. Taking Pictures

Taking pictures is another simple task which your child can do in the Far Cry New Dawn game. Moreover, one of the first machines in the game is to take pictures of the bombs which were dropped. Besides, you can explore and roam around in helicopters and many other means to explore the land and click some amazing pictures with your child at your side.

5. Racing Around

Racing is one of the most basic game that a child plays on the smartphones. This is not the official mission of the Far Cry new Dawn game. However, you can roam around the Hope country freely through the trees and beautiful Greenery. It is like a free drive mode like most other games. Moreover, it is similar to the free driving Mode of grand theft Auto Vice City. These are some of the things you can do with the game if you don’t like violence.

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