How To Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone?

            There are various measures that an individual can take against someone in this digital era. Blocking is one of the easiest way using which you can avoid any person. There are millions of people around the world who used the block in future for avoiding people who usually annoy them. The blocking feature was introduced many years back and has proven to be really effective in almost all cases. However, if you are blocked by someone and you are not sure about it, you might remain confused for days. So how to find out if someone has blocked you on the iPhone?

We have listed down a few steps using which you can check if someone has blocked you or not. There are no official ways which will help you in finding if someone has blocked you or not. However, there are some obvious ways which will help you in finding it out in case you don’t have some sources.

How to find if someone has Blocked you?


This is the obvious reasons which will give you the basic hint in case you are blocked. Blocking someone is a very simple task and it feels really amazing after blocking the person who annoys you. However, being blocked by someone is really disturbing and sometimes causes a rush in your body. This is mainly because of the fact that maybe someone is angry with you and you are not allowed to keep your points.

Coming back to the method of knowing if someone has blocked you, call the person from the same mobile number. If the telecom assistant tells you that the number you are trying to call is currently busy, you’re probably blocked. Try calling from another number. If the call doesn’t Get connected there is a probability that the person is really busy at that moment. On the other hand, if the call did Get connected, you are sadly blocked. However, we recommend to carry out the same procedure at least three times in an interval of 20-25 minutes to ensure that there is no coincidence.

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Another probable method to find out if the person has blocked you on iPhone is to text him via messages. If the message gets delivered, you are probably not blocked. However, if the message doesn’t get received there is a high probability that you are blocked. You can try this method on Android as well and the results will be different. On Android, the message will get delivered because of the different operating system. Hence, it is easier to find out if someone has blocked you using an iPhone only. Try reaching out the person who has blocked you physically to solve the matter.

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