How To Download Clash Of Clans On Windows Without BlueStacks?

How To Download Clash Of Clans On Windows Without BlueStacks?

          Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy game which you might have heard often. It has been one of the most downloaded games in recent years. Moreover, you will find that Clash of Clans is among the top 10 grossing games anytime on the Google Play Store. In this game, you simply have to build an Empire from scratches. You can build your own village or town and develop an army or troop to save your Empire. The troop will help you to fight battles with other players. Moreover, they will auto help you when you are offline and someone attacks your town.

Clash of Clans is popular on smartphones only. However, some people do not have a smartphone with high and specifications. Hence, the frequently keep on asking if they can play Clash of Clans on their PC. Yes, you can play Clash of Clans on PC without the need of BlueStacks. Many users have been complaining that BlueStacks is getting slower day by day. Hence, we found out an alternate way to Download and play the Clash of Clans APK game on Windows platform without the need of BlueStacks. Below are the steps to Download the Clash of Clans apk on your Windows device without the need of BlueStacks emulator.

Features Of Clash Of Clans

  • Clash of Clans is an extremely popular game which is loved by almost everyone in today’s time.
  • You can use weapons to attack your opponents.
  • It is a complete logic and strategy based game which will help you to improve your intellectual screening ability.
  • Moreover, you can create your own town and develop an Army base. The Army will help you and attacking your opponents and saving your Empire.
  • Another amazing future of this game is that you can play it in a multiplayer mode.
  • There are different gaming levels which will increase as you perform in the game with time.
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Download Clash Of Clans Game On Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10/ Vista

It is possible to download the Clash of Clans game on your Windows PC or laptop without the need of BlueStacks emulator. People are refraining from using applications like BlueStacks emulator which is giving a very slow performance. There have been multiple complaints from the customers about the slow speed and high Ram consumption. Hence, we are going to download the Clash of Clans apk on the windows platform without the need of BlueStacks. There are many other Android emulators which will help us in downloading Clash of Clans on Windows. Here are the steps to do so.

  • First of all, you will have to download an Android emulator on your Windows PC. You can consider downloading the famous NOX player for running the cash of Clans game on pc.
  • Now launch the software and open the browser.
  • Thereafter, download the Clash of Clans game on the Nox Player.
  • Once installed, you can play the Clash of Clans game on a large screen. This will give you an enhanced experience of the game.

Is downloading Clash Of Clans Game on Pc legal?

Downloading Clash of Clans on your PC is completely safe and legal. There has been no notification from Google, signifying that playing Android games on the windows platform is illegal. Hence, you can freely download and play Android games on your Windows platform using the Android emulators. Moreover, you will be shocked to know that Google officially has launched an Android emulator for developers to test their Android games on PC directly. Hence, this shows that it is quite clear that Google has absolutely no problem in running Android games on PC.

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