How To Download And Use Odin On Mac OS? Complete Guide!

How To Download And Use Odin On Mac OS? Complete Guide!

          Many people root the Android device in order to avail some amazing features and change the complete layout of the smartphone. However, there are locations when users prefer to revert back to the stock ROM. This is mostly when there is a new android update via OTA or they are just done with the bugs of custom ROMs. There many steps and procedures to come back to the stock ROM on your Android device. However, Odin is the best software which will help you to revert back to the stock without any problem. We have listed down the steps to Download Odin on your Mac OS.

Earlier, Odin was available only for Windows. However, the repeated efforts by developers have made it possible to download Odin on Mac operating system. Odin is one of the most popular applications which helps the users to revert back to the stock ROM on their rooted device. It was earlier known as JOdin3. This is one of the most famous software to use on a Samsung device. It supports all Samsung device, be it a flagship one or budget. Hence, you can use Odin to revert back to stock Android ROM.

Features Of Odin

  • The best feature of Odin is to flash stock ROM on your device. It is a special software which is available exclusively for Samsung and other devices. It will help you to easily go back to the stock ROM. This is when you want to update your Android version.
  • Moreover, it is extremely easy to download and use Odin for getting back to the stock ROM on your device.
  • It supports many file types like .tar .tar.md5
  • you can also flash route packages using the Odin software.
  • This software can run both offline and online. Hence, you don’t have to take care of the internet connection by using the software to unroot your device.
  • There is no risk of a virus or any other search things on this software.
  • Get back to the stock ROM quickly with the Odin software
  • The software is designed especially for the Samsung devices. However, it works on other devices also. Hence, this software is regarded as one of the best tools to revert back to the stock ROM.
  • Easy to use the tool.
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Download Odin on Mac And Use It

  • First of all, go to a developer’s website and Download the required Odin files.
  • Once downloaded, install the software on your Mac by completing the setup procedure.
  • Now plug in your device using the data cable on your Mac.
  • Now go to the settings on your device and open developers option.
  • Then enable the USB debugging option.
  • Open the software on the Mac, you will find a green background. The green background signifies that every this is ready and the device is connected.
  • Now click on the PDA option within the software
  • It will open a new window where you have to select the file you want to flash.
  • Now you have to put your device into the boot mode. To do so press the lock button + volume down + home screen button at the same time. You will enter the boot mode. Now select the autoboot option and proceed.
  • Click on the start button on software.
  • Click yes when it asks for the PIT file.
  • Now follow the steps given above to enter download boot mode again
  • The autoboot will Tigger the software to provide the PTI file.
  • Click on ok when the PTI file is displayed
  • Then the work will be done automatically by the software.
  • Once done, you will get a successful message on the screen.
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