How To Complete Fortnite Endgame Challenge And Win Quinjet Gliders?

             Fortnite Endgame Challenge: Fortnite is the most famous battle royale game which is played by millions of people across the world. The game has collaborated with Marvel and has brought a new gaming mode in the game. You might be aware of the fact that fortnite of an arts various event modes regularly. This time the event mode is in association with Marvel endgame. Did you have a look at this amazing event mode? It is not very simple like the other events and hence, you will have to follow some tips in order to complete all the endgame missions.

Marvel Endgame is a buzzing and hot topic across social media. Fans eagerly waiting to watch the movie and millions of tickets have been sold out. Moreover, you will be amazed by the fact that all tickets have been sold for the next few days in most countries. Hence, if you haven’t got your Marvel endgame ticket during the pre-booking session, you will have to wait for another few days. Till then, you can consider completing the fortnite endgame challenge. The endgame event mode is really challenging and requires high gaming skills in order to complete it.

Fortnite Endgame Challenge

As mentioned earlier, fortnite has added the fortnite endgame challenge as an event mode. The event has been categorised into a number of challenges where two different groups are made. One group consists of all the Marvel characters while the other has Thanos. The Thanos has to collect the infinity stone while the Marvel has to collect my weapons and fight back. The fortnite endgame challenge has a number of surprise elements which will not fail to entertain you at any point of time. Hence, you will have to follow some tips in order to complete the challenge and get rewarded.

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Currently, there are three fortnite endgame challenges live. The other events will come up gradually.

  • Deal Damage while hovering with Iron Man’s repulsors
  • Collect infinity stone
  • Play match of endgame

These are quite common and straight forward events in which you will have to perform various activities. For instance, in the infinity stone event, you will have to follow the map and reach the stone which is dropping from the sky. At the same time, you will have to fight with the iron man’s repulsion who are present around the map.

How to earn free Quinjet Glider?

Fortnite is offering free quinjet glider as a reward for completing all the fortnite endgame challenges. There are some criteria which you will have to fulfil in order to when the prize. Besides playing and winning the events, some criteria like, “play until the challenge gets filled up” has to be fulfilled.  This is not really amazing but it is sufficient if you are willing to get rewarded with a glider. Hence, you just have to fulfil all the boxes which are mentioned in the criteria for reward in the fortnite endgame challenge. Overall, the end game challenges are really fun to play Because, on one hand, you will have to support your evil king Thanos.

On the other hand, you will become marble and have to play a heroic role. Hence, gamers get to play both Heroic and evil characters. Therefore, gamers much prefer playing and completing the endgame challenges and the fortnite came before playing the normal gaming version. In this way, he will also be awarded some special gifts and gliders. And if you are a Marvel fan, you are totally going to love this event mode in fortnite. More challenges will be added gradually and you will be subsequently rewarded to complete those challenges as well.

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