Here Is The Ultimate Guide For Purchasing MacBooks In 2019

            MacBook was launched with the vision to change the world. It is the thinnest laptop ever made and has a number of variants which are doing quite good in the market. There are people who love to use Apple products and are completely loyal to the brand. MacBooks is quite aggressively priced because of the brand name. However, it never fails to output the quality and gives you the value of the money you have paid. It a smooth and sharp. So which MacBook should you buy? We have listed down the ultimate guide of buying a MacBook. You can choose between the basic MacBook, MacBook Air, or the MacBook Pro.

Ultimate Guide To Buy A MacBook

1. MacBook Air

Apple recently launched the MacBook Air series. If you are looking for buying a MacBook for the first time, we recommend you to go for the 13 inches retina display model of MacBook Air which is available for just $1200. It is somewhat similar to the MacBook Pro in terms of ports and some other features. The MacBook Air has the same USB ports, butterfly keyboard, and larger trackpad.

To give a modern log to the MacBook Air, Apple has significantly cut out the borders to adjust the edge to edge screen. This makes it looked quite better than the MacBook Pro. Moreover, it please take a compared to the 12 inches MacBook but is slightly slimmer compared to the MacBook Pro. It has a 2560 × 1600 screen resolution which is similar to the MacBook Pro. It is believed that this device would have slightly lower light output, however, The colour contrast and graphics will be sharp and accurate.

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This variant of MacBook Air is powered by 1.3 GHz dual-core Intel i5 Y series processor. The hardware specification does not seem very strong on paper because it lacks quad-core processor. However, by using the device we did not find any black while playing videos and games on this entry-level MacBook. In short, this is the best MacBook if you are planning to buy it for the first time.

2. 12-inches MacBook

The MacBook Air is slimmer, smarter, and looks like a laptop from the future generation. However, there have been Manish laws related to the processor used in this device. It is powered by an Intel m processor which is nowadays being used in mobile phones. Hence, there is a general disappointment. The siblings of this device can perform much better because of the third and fifth generation Intel processors.

Apple tried to rectify the process of law by introducing the new models with 7th Generation Intel processors. Macbook now has three variants. Core M3 is available for just $1300, i5 is available for $1600 and the i7 core is available for $1750. The only good thing about this Mac book is that it is the lightest and slimmest laptop ever produced by Apple. Hence, it is readily portable. However, we do not recommend you to buy smart work because it is too expensive if we take into consideration the specifications of this device.

3. MacBook Pro

As the name suggests, MacBook Pro has completely developed with the professional approach and is available with a battle specification compared to MacBook and MacBook Air. It is available in two variants. The $1300 variant is powered by the Intel i7 dual-core processor. Hence, you will find the same speed found on the other dual-core MacBooks. The second Variant costs $1500 and it is powered by a significantly better processor compared to all other MacBooks. However, we would recommend the people to go with the 13 inches retina display MacBook Air. This is because it has the best price range which suits the specifications substantially.

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