Here Is The Complete Guide To Buy A Washer And Dryer In 2019

              Guide to buy Dryer & Washer: Machines have been commonly known as the friend of humans. Washers and dryers are not something people are enthusiastic about. However, these machines can make your daily work easier and save time. Hence, you must consider reading this article in case you are planning to buy a washer and dryer soon. We have listed down some points which will help you in choosing the right product from the market. There all hundreds of different kinds of products available in the market and you should be aware of the pros and cons of each type.

Guide to buy Washer and Dryer


There are various kinds of washers and dryers available in the market. The type of product depends upon your storage space. Washes can be fitted in any corner of the house easily. However, you will have to choose between electric and gas while buying a dryer. Hence, it depends upon what your house is capable of supporting. Both the types are equal is suitable and useful. Besides, there are new kinds of dryers available in the market which does not require a vent. Therefore, these are simplified versions of the product which are even more helpful.


The majority of washes available in the market ranges from 27 to 27.5 inches. The storage capacity of these watches depends upon the type. For instance, front load what is capable of storing much more clothes compared to others. Hence, it is quite suitable for those who require bulk laundry. However, the storage capacity may also vary depending upon the dryer. Compact machines are less wider compared to the front load washers. It can store up to 8 pounds of clothes inside the drum.

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There are some machines in which both dryers and washers are combined together. In these types of Machines, drivers are typically broader compared to the washers. This is quite logical because the clothes get a bit fluffy when you shifted to the dryer. Hence, you can directly dry all the clothes at the same time. Those machines having doing small dryers are very uncomfortable to use because you will have to dry the clothes at intervals. This would take much more time.

Front-Loader vs Top-Loader

Most people are confused between front load and top load machines. However, one should understand that it depends mostly on your storage space. If you are planning to place the washer below a table or something, you will obviously have to buy the front loader. Whereas, if you have an open space you can go for the top loader. It has been found that top loader machines are cheaper compared to front loaders. However, the clothes are cleaned more efficiently in front loading machines.


Digital: There are some washers and dryers which have a digital display. It is capable of displaying all the features and items of the machine live on the digital screen. However, they are much more expensive compared to normal machines. But it is worthy enough for people who are tech enthusiasts.

WiFi Enabled: It is quite interesting that even washers and dryers have Wi-Fi connectivity. Some expensive top end models are Wi-Fi enabled. Hence, you can control these machines directly using your smartphones or tablets. It is very convenient for people who are quite lazy and do not want to get up and go manually to the washer again and again. Moreover, you can also control the device using Alexa or Google assistant. Hence, you can now choose any one of the products available in the market based on your needs. If you want a typical and normal washer and dryer, go for the front or top load machine.

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