Here Is How To Use Mint App To Keep A Track On Personal Finance

Here Is How To Use Mint App To Keep A Track On Personal Finance

                Money is something which is quite hard to earn. However, it is really easy to spend. Therefore, managing money is a very important task. Managing money is a common lesson which is given by the elders and it has some practical usage in real life. One must keep a track on his spending and income and must have located a specific budget for everything. This aspect of budgeting is called personal finance and there are a lot of personal finance applications which will help you to make things simpler. Mint is one of the best personal finance applications and we are going to discuss its features.

What is Mint App?

Mint is nothing but a web-based platform in the form of application which helps to manage money. It is a one-stop solution for all financial needs. The user-friendly interface and attractive features have attracted more than 15 Million users to join the platform. It will help you in keeping a track on your banking transactions, credit cards and all other investment activities. Hence, you can manage the entire personal finance domain using the mint app itself.

The user interface of the platform is really amazing and it has an automatic save feature which tends to save all the transactions when you visit the site. Moreover, the application uses some statistical forms to represent the data in an attractive manner. For instance, the users can watch the banking transactions and investment activities in the form of a graph, which helps in better understanding the net inflow and outflow.

Features of Mint App

Free to use & Availability

The mint app is an amazing financial application and the best part is that it is completely free to download and use. This means that you can track all your financial needs and services absolutely free of cost. Additionally, the application is available for all the devices like iPad, iPhone and Android. Hence, it makes it easier to access the financial app from any device that you own. Moreover, one can access financial data by visiting the website as well.


One of the major functions of this financial app is budgeting. It gives a track on all the digital as well as cash transactions in order to generate the complete expenditure and income receipt at the end of the month. The data of cash transaction has to be filled in manually. Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of personal finance and it is advised that all the transactions should be compiled at one place itself.

Bill Management

The application also has the feature of Bill management. There are a number of bills which are recurring in nature. For instance, credit card bills and other bills on how to be paid every month. Hence, you can setup manual reminders on the application in order to get a reminder about the deadline of bill payment. This will ensure that you do not end up in paying extra late payment fees every month.

Manage Your Goals

This is another amazing feature of the mint app. Managing goals is very important. The application helps in forming a dedicated investment channel for all the goals like buying a car and paying the bills. It gives the real-time data of the current savings and the amount required to fulfill the goal in the given period of time.

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Safe and secure

Personal finance is a private thing and it cannot be shared with anyone. Hence, the application provides two authentication factor login. This ensures that no one else is able to read the personal finance data on the application. The application is also quite secure because of different measures

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