Here Is How To Start Destiny 2’s Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Quest

               The rollout of new content in Destiny 2’s season of Opulence continues today. There is a New exciting piece of content for all the annual pass owners. The new exotic hand Cannon is known as Lumina. We have mentioned everything that you need to know about the new content and how to start with the new Quest. Some tips on the time-consuming aspects of the content have also been given below and you must go through them for efficient gaming.

Lumia is a new hand Cannon which can be used for attacking the enemies as well as healing the wounds of the teammates. This word makes it different from any other weapon available in the game so far. You must have previously completed Thorn Questline in order to get the weapon. You well know that you are on the right track if you receive a message to get back on the Clifftop after the game was reset last week.

To get started, users will have to head towards EDZ and work their ways through the salt, located north of Crossland. A fallen transponder will take the player to the next level. The player will then have to find his own way through and hug the ledge. You will find various open camps. There is a quest which you will have to open. After that, a few more questions have to be completed before you get Exotic in your hands.

Visit the official Thorn’s Location

You will have to identify the original location of Thorn using the system positioning device. The system positioning device can be found in the player’s triumph. Hover over this to find the direction in which you need to head. We have noticed that the location will possibly move on the hour. Then, you will have to find the chest which will not be highlighted on the radar but your ghost will surely notify you once you are close to it. It will give a normal notification which is available on the right-hand upper side of the screen whenever an item which can be scanned is close.

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Bearer of evil past

Next, there is a quest which asks you to generate 250 orbs of light. 250 is a big number and seems impossible. However, the best thing is that your friend’s orbs will also be taken into consideration. Hence, the collection of your entire team has to be 250. This objective can be fully filled in a single go. You can use the master gun to speed up the procedure further.

Rose revealed

Now, you will get the legendary canon rose and three other quests. All of these are simultaneously available and you will not need rose to complete them.

  • Defend The Light can be completed by killing a hundred enemies in a streak. This means that you have to kill a hundred animes simultaneously without reloading the gun. Once you have killed a hundred enemies in a row, the Quest will be fulfilled.
  • At last, you are given the task to score in the nightfall. User must score 50000 points in the nightfall. moving quickly will help you in escaping the threat. Modifiers and multipliers are even more helpful.

Fireteam Leader

This is yet another quest that has to be completed before you get the canon. However, this is flexible as it allows you to choose the activities of your own choice. However, the player must have equipped in the rose in order to start this activity. Additionally, bonuses will be provided if you are in the team which is welding the rose. The quest will be completed, once you have completed all the necessary steps.

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