Here Is How To Find A Lost Android Or iOS Device?

           The thought of losing your smartphone is nothing less than a nightmare. But what if you really get into a situation when you lose your smartphone? It is probably one of the most painful and disheartening make things for a tech enthusiast who loves his smartphone. However, the cases of losing smartphone have gone out drastically in recent years. This is mainly because of the growing theft in public transports.  So how to find your last smartphone be it Android or iOS? We have listed down the steps to find out your phone irrespective of the fact that it is an Android or iOS device.

How to find your lost Smartphone?

Smartphones are very advanced and can be found even if they are lost. The smartphones have special software which will be able to locate the device when you misplace them. However, it is necessary that your smartphone is either powered by Android or iOS. You can use the common account used on the smartphones to find them out. For Android, the Google account is necessary for finding and for Apple, you need the iCloud account. These accounts will help you to perform some major functions when you misplace your smartphone.

suppose you have a lot of personal data on your device and you don’t want anyone else to have access to that data, you can simply erase everything on the device using the iCloud on Google account. Additionally, the user can select other features like continuous ringing and sending a special SMS to the thief. All these features are there in Android and IOS devices by default. However, smartphone users can consider downloading third party software in order to locate their device precisely. We have listed down the steps to find Android and IOS devices separately.

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How to find a lost Android Smartphone?

It is really easy to track down your Android device. You need to download a third party application called Find My Device. This is a very famous application and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store directly. So download this application on a secondary Smartphone and log in using your Google account. The Google account should be similar to the one which you have lost. Once logged in successfully, you will find a number of options and action buttons.

As mentioned earlier, the entire data on the lost device can be erased using the erase file option. Besides, the option of a continuous living thing can also be selected in order to find the device if it is somewhere nearby. However, if the device is completely lost and you have no idea where you lost it, there is a separate option for such cases. Simply tap on the find my device option and the application will display the live location of your lost device. Hence, you can visit the location and get back your device. The GPS must be activated in order to locate the lost Device.

How to Find A Lost iPhone?

Just like Android devices, iOS devices also have a special application called find my iPhone. You need to download this application on a secondary iOS device and then login using the iCloud account. The iCloud account should be similar to the account which was logged in into the lost iPhone. Once logged in, the same set of features will be displayed on the dashboard. You can track down the live location of your lost device and erase the complete data on the iPhone. Moreover, this application can find out any lost iOS device. However, the GPS on the lost device must be turned on in order to track the live location.

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