Here Is How To Download Snapchat Apk Latest Version On Your Device!

    Social media remains one of the most used and rapidly growing platforms among people of all ages across the world. Talking about social media and missing out on Snapchat seems like a foolish talk. Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms in today’s time across the world. The concept of stories which was recently added on Facebook and WhatsApp was developed and first seen in the Snapchat application. Hence, Snapchat has become really popular among the youth. Looking for how to download Snapchat on your smartphone and carry on with the cool features? Below are the steps to download the Snapchat apk on your smartphone.

Snapchat has millions of active users and is the 2nd most ranked social media platform, after Facebook. You might have seen your friends click pictures in every 15 – 20 minutes and snapchatting it to the friends. Snapchat apk has many unique features which have attracted people to use it regularly. For instance, there are a number of unique Snapchat filters which are used almost every youth nowadays, especially girls. Hence, you must download the Snapchat APK today and get started with some cool camera features. Many teenagers use Snapchat as a camera and a photo editing application because of its cool features.

Features of Snapchat Apk

  • the best part of Snapchat APK is the number of filters it offers.
  • Latest best known for the various kinds of filters and emotions. The dog camera filter got really viral in recent days.
  • You can earn points and unlock different filters by sending your pictures to your friends every day.
  • Sending pictures to a particular friend every day is called a streak. Streak helps people to earn points and thereby unlock some amazing filters.
  • You can add stories with more loaded features, compared to WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Additionally, you can share pictures with your friends at once, it is just a matter of one click
  • New filters are added every week. Now what does Snapchat is a trendsetter in the modern day.
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Download Snapchat Apk

Downloading the Snapchat application on your smartphone is easy and convenient. You can directly download from the Google Play Store the app store. However, if you are facing any difficulty while downloading the Snapchat application from the official Google Play Store, then you can use the steps given below and download it via APK process.

  • Go to the official website of Snapchat
  • Select the country in which you live
  • Now scroll down and download the Snapchat APK on your device
  • Go to the settings on your device and turn on the trust unknown sources option
  • Go back to the file manager and locate the downloaded APK file
  • click on the file and install it on your smartphone the following the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  • Snapchat icon will be added to your home screen.
  • Launch the application and register yourself using an email id.
  • now enjoy all the cool features of the Snapchat application on your smartphone.

Some Amazing Facts About Snapchat

  • Snapchat is mostly used by girls. A survey shows that almost 80% of Snapchat user are girls.
  • Snapchat is one of the most valuable social media application on earth.
  • A few years ago Facebook was very keen to buy Snapchat. Mark Zuckerberg offered 1 billion to Snapchat. However, he failed to but it. Failing, he increased the amount twice and raised evaluation to  4 billion dollars. The offer was still rejected by the CEO of Snapchat.
  • There are more than 10 billion photos and videos uploaded on Snapchat daily.
  • The photos that people send to their friends via Snapchat, consists of pictures of drinks and restaurants.
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