Here Are The Best Ups And Downs Of 2019 Royal Rumble!

ups and downs in the Royal Rumble 2019

       The Royal Rumble 2019 was filled with many memorable and awesome moments. There were many matches that were serious as well as filled with fun. The titles were won by the right people and the matches were not good, not bad. The consistency of the interest was lacking. At some moments, the match seemed interesting and in rest of the moments, it was boring with exaggeration of comedy.

Many errors and drama also took place in this PPV event. There were times when the game went awful.

So, let’s have a look at the moments that brought ups and downs in the Royal Rumble 2019.

  • Beast’s title on the LED board

When Brock Lesnar came out for the match, the LED board behind him displayed his logo with a title upon it. The logo said “BEAST” but above it, there was written “WWE World Heavyweight Champion”. Since 4 years, Brock Lesnar has not won any WWE Heavyweight Championship. Still, it was given the same title to him in this event. It was unnoticed by many spectators but still, it is an error that needs to be fixed.

  • A drama that cost US Championship title

In the fight Shinsuke vs Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura starts removing the turnbuckle pad on which Lana came to resist. Shinsuke told her to shut up and mind her own business but then suddenly something happened that turned the tables. Rusev charged on Nakamura but he dodged him that resulted in Rusev accidentally hitting Lana causing injury. While Rusev’s whole attention was on Lana, Shinsuke took advantage and captured the US title from him.

  • Tantrum over a hat

Maria Kanellis unites with Alicia Fox but short after that Maria grabbed Fox’s hat and tramped it. After which Fox threw a temper-tantrum and in order to take revenge, she managed to eliminate Maria.

  • Less Surprises in Women’s Rumble

Last year in woman’s Royal Rumble there were lots of surprises for the spectators among the contestants. There were 30 slots in the even last year which filled fun in the all-women’s Rumble. The legends and Hall-of-Famers filled the 10 slots amongst the 30 contestants while there were two contestants from NXT women’s roster.

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This year in Royal Rumble, only six non-main roster contestants entered the event meanwhile none of the legends or Hall-of-Famer entered.

  • Repeated comedy

Many are familiar with the WWE’s repeated comedy in its matches. Well, it was seen in this event also. First Curt Hawkins crawls under the ring in the men’s Royal Rumble and the after an hour, Zelina Vega repeats the same comedy.

This is what happens when your writers are lazy so they put the same stuff in different matches.

  • Shane Raids

Shane McMahone took Sheamus (a multi-time world champion) and Cesaro (a Swiss wrestler and the strongest man for pound-to-pound) very easily. The match was very interesting and at the last moment when Sheamus was about to execute his signature move, Miz hopped in causing Cesaro to receive the hit from Sheamus. Shane McMahone took advantage of that and won the match.

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