Here Are Some Quick Tips For Playing Subway Surfers

Here Are Some Quick Tips For Playing Subway Surfers

                   Quick Tips For Playing Subway Surfers: Endless running games are very popular love and have remained as the most preferred games by the entry-level players. These games are also enjoyed by buying a young child who newly starts using a Smartphone. Subway surfer is one of the most popular endless running games and has significant gameplay. However, most new players face a lot of problems while playing the game initially. Scoring is a bit difficult for the new players because there are a lot of hurdles and barriers in the game which prevents doing so. Hence, following some tips will help.

There are some quick Subway surfers tips which must be followed in order to survive for a longer time and get an adequate number of coins as well. The game is pretty straight forward and you have to run while the policeman chases you. At the same time, you must be aware of the trains coming towards you and other barriers too. Follow our quick tips of Subway surfers in order to survive for a longer time and score much more than your friends. It is quite easy to play the game and you will easily be able to score much more than what you do before going through the tips.

Tips For Playing Subway Surfers

Swipe Down to roll: Most players make a mistake when they see a hurdle. Swiping up when a big hurdle comes in the track is not helpful. Rather, swiping down will be a much better option because you can roll through the handle as it is too big to jump. All you need to do is swipe down as soon as a big hurdle comes.

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Swipe Up to Jump: swiping office perhaps the most important feature in the game. You how to swipe up at regular intervals in order to bypass the hurdles and trains which comes in your path. Sometimes, you can voluntarily swipe up in order to jump and grab the different rewards and coins located at a certain height.

Double tap: the user has to double tap on the screen in order to enable the hoverboard. The overboard as a very important tool which increases his speed significantly and saves you from getting out.

Collect: It is very important to collect coins and other features like a hoverboard, jetpack, Speed booster, Big boot, and others. These additional features help a lot during the game and are one of the most significant features to help you survive through them.

Quick Tips For Playing Subway Surfers

Use Hoverboards frequently

A hoverboard is one of the most important tools which will help you to survive and through that tough time in the game. These two years are available while running around in the game. You can collect them while running. Moreover, you can buy a hoverboard from the menu in the game by giving coins. It is a simple tool which will give you a second chance if you crash while the hoverboard is on. Therefore, using them in the advanced stage can help you to increase the score well enough.

Time You Movements

Timing is perhaps the most important factor of the gameplay in Subway Surfers. The entire Subway surfers game or any other endless running game is based on time management. Hence, a person must note the distance between him and the hurdle and take action instantly.

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Switch Lanes In Air

Most players are not aware of the fact that they can change lanes while they are in the air. This simply means that while you jump over the hurdle, you can change the lane if a train is approaching in that particular lane.

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