Here Are Some Amazing iPhone 7 Tips And Tricks You Need To Know!

Here Are Some Amazing iPhone 7 Tips And Tricks You Need To Know!

          Apple has a lot to offer even on their old iPhone series like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. These are some pretty outdated devices, however, they are still popular for people who want to start using Apple Devices at a reasonable price. Hence, you do not have to feel left behind if you have an iPhone 7. We are up with the latest iPhone 7 tips and tricks using which you can avail many hidden features on the device. You must go through these iPhone 7 tips and tricks to enhance your experience on this old series.

iPhone 7 Tips and Trick

1. Where is the camera option on the lock screen?

Earlier, you could access the camera without opening the number lock screen. You could access the camera simply by tapping on the small camera icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. However, in iPhone 7 you will not find this option on the lock screen. You can still access the camera from your lock screen by simply sleeping towards the left.

2. How to take a screenshot?

If you have just migrated to the new iPhone 7 from an Android smartphone, you will find it difficult to capture the screenshots. Capturing screenshots are very important for most people nowadays. Hence, you can simply use the iPhone 7 steps to capture the screenshots. Simply, tap the home screen button and the volume down button simultaneously to take a screenshot. The image will be added to the gallery automatically.

3. How to force restart?

Sometimes it is necessary to restart your iPhone. However, you cannot hard reset your device used in the old method because the home button cannot be pressed any longer. Hence, if you want to restart your device, follow our iPhone 7 tips and tricks. Press and hold the volume down hand lock screen button at the same time until the device is restarted automatically.

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4. Auto brightness

Enabling the auto brightness feature is very important for many people. However, the new users cannot find the auto brightness option on their iPhone 7. This is because the auto brightness option is not available and the display and brightness option of the settings. You will have to go to the accessibility menu under the settings and enable the auto brightness option.

5. How to use an earphone while charging?

Apple provides a special 3.5 mm headphone jack which can be used in the charging port. However, the problem arises when you want to use the charging feature and earphone at the same time and you don’t have a Bluetooth headphone. In such cases you can buy a cheap socket which has two sockets, one will help you to charge the device, while, the other one will help you in listening to the songs on your phone.

6. Bedtime

Bedtime is an amazing feature which is offered by iOS. Using the bedtime feature, you can maintain your sleeping time. Moreover, that will help you in tracking your sleep cycle using Apple health.  Hence, it is an amazing picture for all iOS users.

7. View Lyrics in the Music app

The best part about listening to music is understanding the lyrics. Now you don’t have to go to YouTube and search for a lyrical video. You can I directly give you the lyrics in the Apple music app. However, you must have the Apple music subscription for viewing the lyrics.

8. Live photo effects

Live photo effects as an amazing feature that iOS offers to all its uses. However, many users are not aware of this amazing. You can just click a life picture and then swipe to choose different effects like bounce and boomerang. There are many other live photo effects that you can choose from.

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