Here Are 5 Expert Tips To Save Battery Life Of Smartphones

Here Are 5 Expert Tips To Save Battery Life Of Smartphones

              Tips To Save Battery Life Of Smartphones: Battery life is one of the most important aspects of the smartphone. Most smartphone users are rare always thinking about the ways to increase the battery life of their device. However, it seems that smartphones are enough to get out of battery as soon as you step outside. This is a common feeling for all Android device users mostly. Hence, we have come out with some tips to save battery life of both Android and IOS smartphones. These tips will help you in extending the life of the battery. So let’s directly skip to the main content.

Tips To Save Battery Life Of Smartphones

1. Turn off Location Services

GPS is one of the biggest reason of battery draining. This is mainly because of the fact that the device constantly connects to the satellite in order to track the location. However, it is unnecessary to enable GPS while not using the map or similar services. Therefore, turning off the GPS and location service will help you to save a lot of battery throughout the day. You can simply disable the GPS option by the shortcut menu present in the dropdown options or manually go to the settings and do so.

2. Remain Up to date

Make sure that your device system is running up to date and does not have any pending update. Reports suggest that A device which is completely updated has an extended battery life compared to those which have not been updated to the latest version. Besides, all the applications installed on the device must also remain up to date for better efficiency. Hence, you should go to the Play Store App Store and update all the application to the latest version even if you don’t use them frequently.

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3. Airplane Mode

Airplane models probably one of the most effective way to save the battery. It is the best remedy to save the battery in cases where the battery life has come down and you want to run the smartphone for a longer time. This is practical because of the fact that airplane mode cuts out all the signals which are being transmitted from your smartphone. It disables the SIM cards and switches off the NFC feature. Hence, a lot of battery is saved during this period. So if you don’t have to make an important call and you are connected to Wi-Fi, consider enabling the airplane mode

4. Use Dark Wallpapers

It has been found that a dark wallpaper helps in saving battery and increases the screen on time. The dark wallpapers reduce the work of color emitters and thus, consumes low battery. On the other hand, a bright and colored wallpaper requires a lot of features in the background and this is the reason why the screen on time decreases. There are thousands of different kinds of black-themed wallpapers available which looks incredible. Hence, consider using a black theme wallpaper for the home screen of your device.

5. Do not allow the battery to become dead

It is a common observation that most smartphone users do not charge the device until it completely dies. This is one of the reasons why the battery is not capable of performing. It is one of the best tips to save battery life. You mass charge the device every time it comes to 20% or 10%. Never let the battery go below 10%. This increases efficiency and saves battery life. Hence, these are all the amazing tips to save battery life of your device. Follow them and you will surely see the difference. Keep a track on the screen on duration before and after applying these changes.

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