Halloween : Best Costumes Ideas To Dress Up Uniquely

 Halloween is knocking at the door, with only a day to go, the rush for arranging costumes have already started across the countries. So how are you planning to dress up this Halloween? We are here to help you choose from a wide range of crazy fancy costumes.

Today’s Halloween costumes are thought to be influenced by the traditional folks and Celtic speaking countries. Dress up in ghostly costumes and go partying this Halloween. Not only humans but pets are also dressed up in ghostly costumes. An estimated report says that people on a whole across the USA spend around $500 million every year to buy costumes for their pets.

What not to wear this Halloween?

Often there are a series of controversies related to the costumes. Halloween is when everyone comes together, so why offend someone? This Halloween dress-up in such a way that it doesn’t offend any particular group of people. Also, Various organizing committees have put serious guidelines to refrain from these controversies.

So this Halloween refrains from wearing Nazi, Mexican and cowboy-related costumes. Also, avoid Coloring your face in black. The shops selling Halloween costumes have already stopped selling such kind of costumes because of the growing criticism by the shoppers and other influential people.

Kinds of Costume People Like to wear on Halloween

There are two kinds of people – One who wear extremely traditional outfits which were worn like in 90’s, whereas some section of the society believes in wearing the costumes which are in latest trend, like those often influenced by TV series or movies. Last year a seller came up with costumes related to a TV series, Margaret Atwood’s novel, which caught the attention of quite a few youngsters. The trend of wearing a costume on Hollywood theme is also going viral.

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So, How should you dress up this Halloween?

This Halloween either goes back to the traditional period and follow a culture of your choice or go bold and with the latest trends and get something designed of your own choice. Maybe something related to a popular TV series or a popular Hollywood movie. The choice between the contemporary and modern costume depends upon one’s personal taste.

In our survey, we went to the different shop across the country to make out which are the fastest and most selling variety of costumes this Halloween. We tried to find out how are actually people trying to dress and impress others this Halloween. To our surprise trends have changed. The results that we got were amazing and indeed it will give you an upper-hand in selecting your outfit this Halloween.

Top 5 selling Halloween Costumes: Men

  • Big Frankenstein
  • Escaped prisoner
  • Pennywise the Clown
  • Evil Jester
  • Butcher pig

Top 5 Selling Halloween Costumes: Women

  • Scary Mary
  • Spiritless cheerleader
  • Gothic Ballerina
  • Twisted Clown
  • Gothic fallen angel

Women are always more Passionate about Halloween when it comes to dressing and deciding the theme of costumes. You would see girls of a particular group wearing costumes based on a special theme. Girls take it as an opportunity to wear a powerful costume. Whereas boys are as casual as wearing a flip-flop.

Heroine’s like wonder woman remained the top pick last year. Let’s see what is the best kind of outfit you see this Halloween. So if you are confused about what to wear this Halloween then just get one of the above mentioned Halloween costumes. We laid down all facts: do’s and don’ts, so it’s your turn now to take the call and buy your favorite costume. Any costume is fun as it’s just a fancy dress. Just enjoy Halloween with your friends and try to dress up in accordance with your friends’ group.

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