GTA 6: News, Rumours Release Date & All You Need To Know!

                 GTA 6 News, Rumours, & Release Date: GTA 6 is one of the most awaited games of 2019 and all eyes are constantly on Rockstar for seeking the date of release. It has been 6 months since the Red dead redemption 2 game has been released in the market. There is no official confirmation by rockstar game about the release date of GTA 6. However, experts believe that the game is not going to be announced anytime soon. There are some approximate dates when we can expect the release of the new game. We have listed down all the developments on GTA 6 below.

What All Have Been Said About GTA 6?

There is not much official communication about GTA 6 by the company. It was only in a conference back in 2013 when the president of Northern part of Rockstar Games said that the company is working on GTA 6 and that they have the vision to create the game. Moreover, he elaborated that the game is not underdevelopment but the idea of developing it is on the way. He also said that the company has more than 45 years of experience and they know how to shape an idea to make a game out of it.

Where Would The Set Be Located?

Many people want to know if the rockstar president talks about the location of the GTA 6 game. Replying to the same question the president said that he has heard quite a lot of wild rumors about the location of GTA 6 but he cannot reveal the actual thing. However, headgear behind that GTA never repeats the location. This is evident if we find out the location of the recent grand theft auto games. The developers have used Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas, and Los Santos till now. It is strongly believed that the new location will also be somewhere around the United States itself. Moreover, the site will be bigger compared to all other grand theft auto games. There is list possibility of the map been shifted to a location of the United kingdoms

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Will the Game be Released for PC?

Most gamers have the same question that will the game release on PC or not? This is mostly because of the fact that grand theft auto has paid minimum attention towards developing the game for PC. Even though GTA IV and GTA v were released for PC, they were delayed. So we are hoping with all fingers crossed that Rockstar has the mindset to develop GTA 6 for PC as well. Obviously, there is a probability twill will lube launched together for all the platform but PC will surely be there. There are Rumors in the market that GTA 6 will be released for PlayStation exclusively. However, Rockstar has denied any such report and has said that they do not have any intention to develop a console specific game. So everything will be notified with time.

GTA 6 Release Date

As of now, there has been no communication about the release date of the game by Rockstar. If we go by the track records of Rockstar, Vigo by the track records of Rockstar GTA v was announced 17 months after the release of red dead redemption. Therefore, it has been only a few months since Red dead redemption 2 has been launched in the market. Therefore, experts believe that we can have to wait for up to 22 months for the official announcement of GTA 6 by Rockstar.  Moreover, everyone is aware of the fact that Rockstar has the habit of delaying games unnecessarily even after releasing the official date. So do not expect the game anytime soon and even if there is any ray of hope it will be after mid-2020.

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