Green Screen App: Get A Low Budget VFX Tool For Your Phone!

                Green Screen App: Well, there are almost everyone has must be heard about this new term “Green Screen” and you must have heard it from movies, behind the scenes as well as from some promos. With the help of a green screen app, one can show their creativity as well as can do some unbelievable things that one can’t imagine in real life.

However, one must take note that this video editor is not for the android user. This is only available for iPhone as well as the iPad user. Green screen app is one of the best usages of technology to express your ideas, tell a story or else to explain yourself in a broad manner in a best and creative manner.

Why We Use Green Screen?

This question is being asked very commonly because there are so many colors but we only choose green for adding such amazing effects. So, there is a great reason behind it and that is that the Green is used as a backdrop more than any other color for the reason that the image sensors in digital video cameras are most sensitive to green, because of the Bayer pattern allotting more pixels to the green channel, mimicking the human eye’s amplified sensitivity to green light. Green Screen also helps in saving a lot of money, traveling expenses along with property expenses too. Some of the examples of green screen are the plate of apes, the walk, Avengers and 1000 BC and many more are some of the all-time high VFX creation of Green Screen.

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Key Features of Green Screen App

Some of the major features of the Green Screen app are as follows:

  • Addition work of Chroma, crop, as well as mask tools in order to remove unwanted areas
  • With the help of a live camera, one can mix audio as well as video at the same time
  • You can use the video camera, import videos, and photos for edit
  • Very convenient as well as a scrollable timeline to videos and photos
  • It gives you an option for combining up to a total of three elements at a time
  • You can perform some action to Move, scale, as well as rotate elements
  • One can edit the videos up to 4k resolution as well as at the standard definition
  • You can also extract the good part of the video by trimming it
  • If you want, you can also save your project or artwork on dropbox, google drive or icloud

How much this Application will Cost?

Well, you have to pay a little amount for using this app and that is from $3 to $4.49. After purchasing the app you will get all the access to all the features that are accessible on the Green Screen app. You may possibly get an additional discount, but this is only applicable for those who are a university student or else a college student. There is an additional option if any of your friends who have purchased it before then you can easily borrow it from them and start using it to show your creativity.

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