Google Fi: Here Are The Plans, Compatibility And Other Details

                 Project Fi was launched by Google, back in 2015. It is basically a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. 3 years after the project was launched, Google has brought it directly under its brand name. It is now known as Google Fi. The network is now available for the most Android smartphone. Google Fi is not limited to Android, iPhone users can also avail the benefits of this amazing network. Not many are aware of the plans and offers of Google Fi. Hence we have explained all you need to know about Google Fi below. It has some amazing features which you must know.

Google Fi is one of the few wireless networks which gives multiple benefits to the users. For instance, you can carry forward your unused data to the next month. Hence, if you have 1GB unused data at the end of the month, it will be added to the next month limit. Therefore, you will get the benefit of unused data one month later. Google has currently partnered with Sprint and T-Mobiles for increasing the area coverage.

Where Can you get Google Fi?

Google Fi has become easily accessible to most people in the United States. This is because of the multiple partnerships that Google has made to spread Fi. Currently, the easiest way to get a Google Fi sim is from the official website. You can simply go the official website of Google Fi and order a sim for yourself. Google will then send the sim directly to your address without the need of paying anything. On the other hand, you can get a sim from Best Buy. However, you will have to pay $10 for getting instant service.

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Google Fi and 5G

The next generation 5G network is something which has been trending since last few months. All smartphone manufacturers are aggressively working to produce a 5G device. However, that has to be back but the telecom companies. Google has already stated that it will roll out Google Fi-veg which will be supported by sprint. This will be the entry of a 5G network in the dense market.  Hence, if you are a 5G enthusiast, just wait for few more month. The official partner for 5G operation will be Sprint and it will be able to. Hence, you can soon Expect the 5G experience on Google Fi.


Besides Pixel and Nexus, Google Fi is available on many other devices. Motorola Moto X4, Moto G6, Moto G7, LG G7 Thinq are some of the early devices to run Google Fi. It uses special WiFi technology to run the wireless network. Hence, not all devices support Google Fi. Moreover, there are many upcoming devices like LG G8 Thinq which will be having this technology. You will get the same features, data and plans on any other Android device or iPhone. However, you will not get the switch feature on these devices. You will not be able to switch between network. Google Fi is also compatible with most iPads including iPad Air, iPad Pro and even iPad Mini.

Google Fi Family Plan

One of the best features of Google Fi is that you can share your plan with your family. Google directly gives you the freedom of adding your children or family members below the age of 13 to your current plan. Just invite them from your Google account. Your children can directly avail each and every feature, just like you. They can switch between networks, get data usage warning and avail all other features. It is very easy to add your child to the family plan. Simply go to the family link and add your child to the existing Google Fi Plan.

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