Google Duplex: All You Need To Know About The Smartest AI Bot

Google Duplex: All You Need To Know About The Smartest AI Bot

                Google Duplex is the best innovation so far in the artificial intelligence industry. Google has showcased Google Duplex at Google IO 2018. The spectacular skills of Google Duplex left the audience amazed and shocked. It is basically a robot which can Converse with humans in a very efficient way. You will not even be able to differentiate and find out if you are talking to a robot or an original human. It is one of the major achievements of artificial intelligence Technology. AI is a dedicated technology which is being used and developed by all the big Tech companies.

What is Google Duplex?

Google duplex is the perfect definition of human-computer conversation Technology. It is a dedicated robot made using artificial intelligence technology to interact with humans. The software was design mainly to enhance the computer-human relationship. It is shown built that no one can find out if they are talking to a computer or an original human being. Google had said that it has achieved a milestone in artificial intelligence and that they will be rolling out Google duplex for the pixel smartphones.

Google has particularly developed this technology for providing assistance in the business world. It believes that Google duplex Technology will help businesses in developing a relationship with customers without spending on labor. They can directly use the Google duplex feature in order to solve the problems of the customers.

Google Duplex Availability

During the launch, Google had declared that duplex will be rolling out for the pixel smartphones in the United States. In October 2018, the feature was rolled out in some cities of United States, starting from New York. Currently, Google duplex is available on all the pixel smartphones across more than 46 cities of United States.

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Possible Usage of Duplex

The most probable use of Google duplex feature is for telecommunication and customer service. It can be widely used for handling customer service related. Technology can replace the conventional IVR system of the customer cares. Hence, it would speed up the procedure of resolving the customer’s problem by directly dealing with a human-like a computer form without the need for an IVR system. However, search automation might cut out jobs. Besides, Google duplex can also be used by lawyers and doctors for scheduling the appointments. Hence, it has a lot of benefits which would directly pass on the profit to the businesses. Moreover, there are many features for individual users as well.

What is it for you?

Google Duplex has the capability of becoming a here personal secretary. It can work throughout the day at your command. Obviously, it cannot do emotional conversations like a breakup. However, it is capable of booking tables by calling a particular restaurant or manage your appointments. There or an uncountable number of features that Google duplex can play for you.

Concerns About Google Duplex

There are any concerns related to the automation and use of search for artificial intelligent robots. Most business people have shown concerns related to the usage of the software which would represent their whole business while talking to the customer. In case there is any technical fault in the robot, the companies image will be directly affected. Hence, many people suffering from using this software. However, Google recently addresses most of these concerns in a demo. Now Google duplex addresses the customers by giving the disclaimer about the feature and also notifies the customer that it would be recording the call. It has been just one year since Google duplex has been and the market. Hence, we should give some more time for the feature to become more popular and known by all the people.

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