Good Place Season 4 On Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Plot & Trailer

             Good Place Season 4 On Netflix: The comedy is returning back to the theatres. Here is listed everything that you need to know including cast, plots, and updates.

This is a hit comedy about life, death, the afterlife and everything in between from NBC will be returning to our screens for a fourth season. This is quite sure to provide more twists for viewers and its four main human characters.

When is The Good Place season four released on Netflix?

NBC made an official announcement that it already renewed the series for the fourth season back in the month of December 2018. Although the date of release has not been announced yet, it will be back on Netflix in the UK in late 2019. It consists once again of 13 episodes which will be released so soon one by one.

Good Place Season 4 On Netflix

Who’s in the cast for The Good Place season four?

The main cast of the series is surely planning its return and that includes Eleanor Shell stop (Kristen Bell), celestial being Michael (Ted Danson), artificial intelligence Janet (D’Arcy Carden) Eleanor’s assigned “soulmate” Chidi (William Jackson Harper), socialite Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Taiwanese monk Jianyu (Manny Jacinto. This was later revealed to be amateur criminal Jason Mendoza.

In the next season, there will also be two more humans which will be introduced as part of Michael’s latest experiment with connections to Eleanor and Jason.

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What’s The Good Place about — and what’s happened so far?

There is a warning for the audience that the spoilers have already out so save yourself from watching that otherwise, it will ruin the suspense. After Eleanor Shell stop died and she finally wakes up in  “The Good Place” (aka heaven). This is a place which is run by angel Michael. Then she suddenly she realizes that there must have surely been a mistake and that she should really be in “The Bad Place”. Chidi and Tahani are the other humans in her afterlife community conspire to help her and Jason become better people and thereby earn their places. He is the one who also believes he’s in A Good Place by mistake.

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However, at the end of season one, Eleanor notices a point that ‘The Good Place’ is, in fact, The Bad Place, and Michael is a demon in charge of devising scenarios to torment the humans. Michael gets his memories flashed out their memories, but they keep on figuring Michael’s secret in the process, the demon begins to grow fond of his human charges. So much so, in fact, that, at the end of season two, Michael appeals to the “Gen”, judge of the afterlife (played by Maya Rudolph), and he’s allowed to return the humans to earth and undo their deaths, starting an alternate timeline in the process.

When all the humans fail at living again, Michael notices that it’s almost impossible for anyone to be a good person. In fact, it’s been 521 years since any human gained enough life points to enter A Good Place. Something as simple as buying a tomato can result in negative points because you’re inadvertently supporting the use of pesticides and cheap labor.

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