Glass Box Office Collection; ‘Glass’ Beating ‘Miss Bala’ Easily!

Miss Bala

          You all should know that this Year’s big release “Glass” was released earlier and doing very good business. As per the reports, the movie is doing very real business and could make enough bucks for the makers. People are quite in love with the movie. Also, the production work is really very amazing in the movie. If you haven’t watched the Glass so far then you are really missing out the big action and real acting work.

Some of you might know that this weekend ‘Miss Bala’ was the sole new nationwide opening but it didn’t do the work for the makers. Even, you all can consider that in front of “Glass” the movie didn’t work out.  As you all may know that the M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass and the Kevin Hart-Bryan Cranston dramedy The Upside are currently ruling the box office. We don’t really think that the movie ‘Miss Bala’ is going to make enough bucks for the makers.

Still, you all shouldn’t forget that Miss Bala is a big release at least a big release for the Sony. Sony’s action-thriller Miss Bala is sitting at a third-place as it collected around $6.8 million at the domestic box office collection in an opening day. You all should remember that this weekend is really going to be slow as the box-office revenue for Friday-Sunday may not cross $70 million. If this happens then it will be the worst Super Bowl weekend in nearly 20 years.

Glass Box Office Collection-

You all might know that this weekend due to the Super Bowl series none of the big releases were released at the Hollywood box office. No one would want to take the chance and the Sony might have thought the same that they’ll not have a big competition. They forget that some big pre-releases are still strong enough to attract the viewers. Here we aren’t even talking about an international or worldwide collection.

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Reports are saying that in the third weekend of the release the M. Nights’ flick “Glass “ is still strong enough. Even the Glass grossed $2.8 million on Friday for a projected $9.2 million weekend. On the other hand, we have “The Upside” which somehow made amazing bucks. The dramedy earned $2.5 million on Friday for a weekend gross of $8.7 million. Overall, you all can say that the makers are quite in love with these two films reaction.

Miss Bala Box Office Collection-

As we said above, Most big or small studios traditionally sit out the weekend of the big game in terms of new releases to avoid any lose. This is the reason why not so many big releases were released at the Hollywood Box office. Also, the only studio taking to the field is Sony with Miss Bala, an English-language remake of the critically acclaimed Mexican film.

If we talk about the movie Miss Bala then we can say that it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Also, the movie Miss Bala is different and Tijuana-set pic centers on a young woman (Gina Rodriguez) who seeks revenge on the drug cartel that kidnapped her friend.  You all are going to see Ismael Cruz Cordova and Anthony Mackie in the leading roles.

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