Gears 5 Multiplayer Test Mode Starting Soon; Here Is When And How To Join

                   Gears 5 test is going to start its multiplayer test this month and the users are really excited. It will give the players a chance to have a glimpse of the new entry of Gears of War.

An Xbox One wire blog post says that the multiplayer version of the game will be available for download for Xbox One and Windows 10 users on 17th July 2019. The test will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will start on 19th July and 21st July. While the II phase will start on 26th and end 29th July.

The multiplayer test will include escalation, the updated competitive version. Arcade, the multiplayer mode will also be present during the test. Similarly, the king of the hill which is loved by many people will also be present.

Players will also have access to the boot camp during the test session in order to test their skills and understand the new mechanics of the multiplayer mode. The test Tech Banner will be displayed once the challenges are completed.

The players must have purchased gears 5 games in digital format for physical format in order to get access to the test version. The multiplayer mode test can also be accessed using the Xbox one pass. However, it will require the active gold subscription in order to test at on Xbox One.

The collision has already made it clear that the users may face long cues because they are testing the gear 5 servers. It is expected that this move will help them to build a smoother version before the launch. The test will take account of all the factors so that the game runs smoothly at the time of launch without making much pressure on the servers.

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The hype of Gears 5 was further boosted at E3 2019 when they showcased the new co-op escape mode. It has three players working together as hive busters and cleaning out the swarms. The 3 players have active and passive abilities which shows that different characters have different roles in the game.

A new Horde mode will also be introduced in gears 5 which will be playable from August 19 at Gamescom 2019. A number of unique characters will be present in this version of the game as well which is similar to the ones found on the escape mode.

Gears 5 is officially going to be launched on 10th September for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC users. However, the Xbox one pass ultimate subscribers are at a benefit here. We say this because the game will be available for Xbox One pass ultimate subscribers 4 days prior to the official launch. This is an exclusive deal and will be available only for this limited site of people who have the subscription. Hence, you will have to wait until the game is released officially if you don’t want to enroll in the test version.

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