Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

                     Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers: The third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers was announced back in November 2018, and was released on July 2, 2019.

The game has been developed by Square Enix as well as published by Square Enix. The early access release of the game was on June 28, 2019.

It is a massively multiplayer online game with MMORPG genre. The game is supported in several platforms such as PC (x64), Macintosh, and PlayStation 4.

The expansion takes the players to the First, that is one of thirteen reflections of the Source that is being expended by a Flood of Light. The main region visited is known as Norvrandt, which is approximately similar to the Source’s Eorzea, as well as is the only region in the world that has not yet yielded to the Flood of Light.

The Official description from the 2018 North American fanfest, describes the story of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers, “What awaits the liberator…? Tension grips the land as six nations now stand allied against the imperial armies of Garlemald. With the threat of war on the horizon, the Warrior of Light comes face-to-face with an old enemy seemingly risen from the ashes—Zenos. Could this impending conflict serve as a catalyst for an eighth and final Umbral era?!

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

It is time, once and for all, to take down the Garlean Empire!”

Exploration of the First, comprised of the various new areas, which each correspond two new cities: Crystarium and Eulmore. The Rak’tika Greatwood, Amh Araeng, Il Mheg, Lakeland, Kholusia and The Tempest.

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There is various additions of Dungeon in the game such as up to nine new instanced dungeons are added. A new high-end raid is known as Eden is added which has been produced by Tetsuya Nomura. Also, a new alliance raid series is introduced, YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, which has been produced by Yoko Taro.

There was a New Game Plus system added in the feature of the game which let its players repeat storyline quests as well as battles that they have already accomplished. It can also be used by level boosted characters in order to experience the storyline that they bounced by using the level boost feature.

Also, another feature known as the Trust System from Final Fantasy XI is also going to be applied into the game, letting the players summon precise NPC in order to assist them in battle as well as dungeons.

There was a total of two new jobs have been added to the game that comprised of Gunbreaker and Dancer. Both jobs tentatively are going to begin at level 60. New beast-tribes such as the Nu Mou and the Pixies have been also added.

There’s been also some change in the system such as 32-bit Windows support is terminated from the game.

Support for hybrid Macintosh models has been also terminated. Also, the recommended models comprised of the latest macOS release as well as AMD graphics that are running in full 64-bit mode.

There’s been also a new Frontline mode which is planned to release as well. It is also going to comprise an end the PvP collaboration event GARO x Final Fantasy XIV that is started for the period of patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate.

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