FIFA 19 TOTS Guide: The List Of Options Which Are An Investment Opportunity

                FIFA 19 TOTS Guide: The signal that we have reached the climax of the football game is quite evident from TOTS. However, FIFA 19 TOTS stands only for those players who have outperformed in the last 9 months across the globe irrespective of small and big leagues. EFL, Bundesliga and premier league are some of the famous squads which have contributed to the game and we have selected some of the players which you can buy. Some players are an investment opportunity while some others urgently for enjoying the FIFA 2020 TOTS. So let’s not waste time and get started with the player’s list.

Best TOTS Options

Kevin Kampl (CM, RB Leipzig)

Leipzig’s Kampl offers a great opportunity for investment and he is so for one of the cheapest team of the season option available from Bundesliga. He is priced under 55000 coins and this is an opportunity for most people to invest because the price is going to rise in the next 4 to 6 weeks. You can also select him as a player in your team because of the amazing ratings and skills. He has 80+ rating for pace, passing, shooting, tactics and other skills. It is a good chance of creating opportunity if placed with sensible strategies.

Steven Bergwigin (LW, PSV)

It is a quite well-known fact that FIFA players love the pace. However, it is not possible to afford hai and players who are known for their pace. You will have to pay up to 3 million coins for having a player with 99 or 98 pace rating. Whereas, you will get Steven as a fleet foot option who has a pace rating of 96 and an overall rating of 87. The best thing is that you can get him for just 34000 coins if you are patient enough and understand the FIFA biding System well. This is a great opportunity if you are looking for investing in pace at a relatively low cost.

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Matt Clarke (CB, Portsmouth)

Even at the last stage of FIFA, it is a great opportunity to invest in strong coinage. This is in accordance with what we think about the future prospectus. We have seen that the high rated English card prices shoot up at premium when SBCs unlock Premier League players. Hence, it is a great opportunity to make an investment. Matt has an overall rating of 87 and is available at just 11000 coins. It is a nice bet because the risk-reward ratio is quite favorable and even if you lose out on this bet, the maximum you lose is just 752. This is because the quick sale price of him is 10248.

Max Aroons (RVB, Norwich)

This is another great investment opportunity as an English card because of the upcoming SBCs which requires TOTS players. The overall rating of the guy is 84 and you can buy them at a relatively low price right now. This is mostly a make or breaks bet which you must take. Why so? Because the downside is limited and the upside is open if he gets selected. Therefore, the risk and reward ratio will be quite favorable.

Pizzi (RB, Benfica)

The overall rating of FIFA 19 TOTS Option is 93. You must keep in mind that there are only a rear number of players having a rating of 93 who are priced below 200k. It is a great opportunity because soon there could be an announcement which can increase the the the price by over 20,000 coins. Moreover, if he gets selected in SBC in June, it will give you additional profits. This is a risky bet but the upside of the price seems quite likely because of the upcoming events in June. Therefore, you must consider this FIFA 19 TOTS Option.

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