Epiphany 2019: When is Twelfth Night? Date And Reason Behind Its Celebration!

Epiphany 2019: When is Twelfth Night? Date And Reason Behind Its Celebration!

    The beginning of the year has brought with it the agitation on the topic that when will be the twelfth night. It has now become a dilemma to understand the exact date of the twelfth night. The twelfth night is regarded as a day to bring down the Christmas tree decoration and end the Christmas celebration. The situation is important because according to different superstitions, eliminating the adorned decoration will produce adverse disasters for those people. It also signifies the influx of bad luck.

Basically, the rise of confusion is based upon the day from which the count begins. Some people follow that it starts right from the day of Christmas or from the following day. For all people who believe that the count of The Epiphany starts from the day of Christmas itself will celebrate the twelfth night on 5th January 2019. While for those who begin their count from the next day are looking to celebrate it on 6th January 2019.

People living in different areas have different aspects and celebrate it according to their own perception. Traditionally a belief that decorations are clear down on the Twelfth Night is followed by Britain churches. Thus the day of Epiphany will be celebrated on the next day -6th January. The Twelfth night is basically the count of the Twelfth night from the Christmas day. Christians celebrate the day of Epiphany as three kings came down to give blessings to the Christ. People in other countries like Germany, Poland etc start the count from the next of Christmas. They will celebrate the day of Epiphany on 7th January 2019. People get bewildered onto such situations.

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What is the Correct Date?

Both the days are correct as far as the scenarios are concerned.

What if the day is missed by chance?

People consider it as a bad omen to bring down the decorations too soon and also to leave it after twelfth night. The tree spirits lie on the holy and ivy are released on the twelfth night. If they are released too early then there will be a loss in the harvest whole year.

According to other belief if the day is missed then it can be clear away on 2nd February that is on the Candlemas Day. Moreover, some people believe that if the entire weekend is missed then it should be removed on the Twelfth Night next year.

History of Epiphany

The twelfth night is believed to be the night more important than the Christmas day. Jesus Christ on the Twelfth Night was offered the Gift of Magi by the three kings named as Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar. It also holds a significance as Jesus was also baptised by John.

Jesus’ birth was symbolized with the three gifts. Gold representing his royal standing, frankincense his divine birth and myrrh his mortality. The word Epiphany means manifestation and it signifies the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. The sixth Sunday after Epiphany is celebrated as Transfiguration Sunday.

As recently from the 1950s the day of the twelfth night is regarded as the day when carols are sung home to home and celebrated. The cake distribution is done in Drury Lane Theatre in London. The tradition is still continued.

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