Elder Scrolls 6: News, Release Date And All You Need To Know!

                 Elder Scrolls 6: After waiting for years, Elder Scrolls 6 is finally coming. We all knew that the game is coming anyway, however, the official confirmation has arrived as a blessing and surprise. Bethesda has officially announced the launch of Elder Scrolls 6 in the E3 2018 showcase. So when is the game release in officially? What are the latest update and news about Elder Scrolls 3? We have got all the topics covered in this post which will give you the complete idea about when is the game really arriving in the market and what else can you expect from it.

Elder Scrolls 6 Officially Announced

Bethesda has officially announced the launch of the sixth edition of Elder Scrolls. The teaser for the game has also arrived. We all knew that the game was coming eventually, however, the official confirmation was pending from the developers. Bethesda confirmed that Elder Scrolls 3 is there in the lineup of the games that are soon going to be released an official teaser was also shared at the E3 2018 showcase platform. There are not many informations available about the game and the teaser, but we are happy to know that the game is being actively developed and will come anytime. The official teaser of Elder Scrolls 3 is available on YouTube.

How far is development?

Bethesda had announced another game prior to Elder Scrolls 3. The game which was announced earlier was been developed by the company for more than years. Moreover, they were really happy to announce the game as it was the first wholly owned franchise of the company. This fact is somewhat disappointing for all those people who are waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 to arrive soon. The speech gave clear indications that Elder Scrolls was not on the priority list of the company as of now. Hence, the development is going on slowly but gradually it will come.

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Elder Scrolls Release Date

Unfortunately, not much is known about the release date of Elder Scrolls 3. However, the game is not coming any time soon in 209. There are a number of factors which are delaying the launch of this game. For instance, many sources believe that the company has applied for The trademark of “Red falls,” which is expected to be the name of this upcoming game. Hence, they cannot use the title of the game until and unless The trademark has been granted. Moreover, the company will start testing the game only after the trademark is successfully granted.

However, some sources believe that the game will arrive in the second half of 2020. Expectedly, it may arrive in August 2020 which is far away. Hence, we will have to wait for another year to have a glimpse of this game. However, we do believe that other leaks and rumours about Elder Scrolls 3 will come in gradually as we approach the launch date.

Will It Support Mods?

Modding Bethesda games are crucial and have remained as one of the most amazing steps. We might see some Mod version of the game upon its release. This is in accordance with the fact that there are already many Mod versions of the game which has been released in the past by Bethesda. So let’s wait till 2020 and check out if it really supports mod. However, it completely depends upon the gaming community and developers to take an approach such things. Moreover, we don’t think that anyone will want to play the modded game anytime soon. Most people will stick to the new game and understand the entire gameplay and storyline. Hence, things will start getting cleared gradually as we approach and reach the release date of this game.

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