Elden Ring: Release Date, Game Play, Protagonist And Other Leaks

The year 2020 seems to be a nightmare for the entire world because of the pandemic. However, the year seems to be extremely great for all gamers. We have already seen the launch of some big names like cyberpunk and a few other titles as well. Similarly, there are many such big titles coming up this year. Elden Ring is one of them. The game is scheduled to launch in 2020.

Elden Ring

It is an open-world RPG game. The developers of the game have already entered that it is going to be RPG based and mostly an action game. It simply means that the Elden ring is going to be an open-world action and role-playing an RPG game. The game was announced by the developers in the Microsoft E3 event 2019. The game has created a lot of buzzes because it is being created in collaboration with George RR Martin.

Elden Ring Release Date

The release date has not been officially announced by the developers of the game. However, it is confirmed that it is scheduled to launch this year itself. According to a gaming website, the game will be launched on 30th June 2020 which is a Tuesday. It is not official data. However, we all know that all major games last on Tuesday and 30th June being or Tuesday can be the date when we can see the launch possibly. However, there is no other evidence to support the date of release.

Elden ring


Elden Ring is based on the game of thrones which is one of the best selling books. There is absolutely no need to explain the popularity game of thrones. Hence, there is a lot of excitement among gamers. There is no official data on what the gameplay will be. However, we can make out that the game will be completely action-based and will be an RPG game for sure. Moreover, the game will be released for Windows PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4.

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There are no fixed characters in the game and it is based on dark fantasy. This means that the player can make his own custom character. Till now, we believe that there will be a single-player mode. There is less possibility of the multiplayer mode. The game will also be having an open world where the players can combat and ride horses.

The protagonist in the game?

The game is not going to have any fix protagonist, unlike Sekiro. This game moves back to the dark soul formula where the players can customize the character. Hence, there will be no fixed protagonist in the game. The game will be played with the character that suits the particular role as in ‘unseen dead.’


The release date of the game is not yet official and even the gameplay is not accurate. There is absolutely no head about the gameplay and other information. However, different communities of gamers are spreading different news among the people. Hence, it is better to wait until the official information is released by the developers.

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