Dolby Atmos Music: Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Dolby Atmos Music: Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

                Dolby Atmos Music: With the advancing technology and increase in the fan base of music lovers, the process of producing and recording the music in the studio has changed completely over the years. There are multiple ways using which music is produced. However, the latest technology of Dolby atoms is expectedly going to take over all the previous methods used for producing music. Dolby atoms are already being used to produce TV shows and movies but it is expected that it is going to find its way in mainstream music as well. Here is everything you need to know about Dolby atoms music.

What is Dolby Atmos Music?

Dolby atoms music is music produced and recorded using the Dolby atom 3D software. It is not only 3D but Immersive. The music recorded using Dolby technology are seamless and absolutely. The company prefers calling it an experience rather than simple music. Modern day music recorders have access to a lot of modernized equipment which allows them to merge a number of soundtracks. However, it doesn’t really matter which music track is combined because but in the end there have to be two streams of music one left and one right.

On the other hand, Dolby atom music has a special narrative which can throw sound from multiple directions and can support up to 34 speakers in a home theatre including the one placed at the ceiling. This means that it is a 3D surround technology which gives immense pleasure to the ears of the listener.

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Where To Experience Such Music?

Besides the cinematic counterparts, there are two ways to experience the Dolby atoms music. Many clubs and cafes are beginning to install the Dolby atom speakers so that the DJ can reach out each and every corner of the room with this technology. There add multiple bars in London and Chicago which have already installed these systems and you can practically experience the system there. Moreover, you can also experience the music if you have the Dolby atoms theatre installed at your home. You can we easily find the music on the internet and play them on the home theatre to experience.

Is it compatible with headphones?

Headphones essentially 2 channel stereo speakers. Our ear can listen to only one channel at a time and this is called by the binaural system. It is pretty easy to fool the human brain and use binaural technology in order to surround the brain with pleasing music. It is very much possible to experience the Dolby atoms music in headphones. Moreover, it is already being used in multiple places like Windows 10 and Xbox One to provide a complete gaming experience to the users. It is an amazing experience while playing a shooting game because the sound of firing seems realistic.

How to get Dolby Atom Music?

Currently, there is a very limited number of sources from where you can experience Dolby music. However, things will change gradually and more and more people will start recording and producing music with Dolby atoms music. Currently, there are some sources from where you can get the Dolby atom music and it is especially available on the BluRay tracks. You will find many YouTube videos with the title of Dolby music but they aren’t real.

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You can find the original Dolby music on the official platforms only. Hence, it is recommended that you shall search all the libraries of the official music recorders and you will surely find out some amazing music tracks. Make sure you play them on a Dolby home theatre or headphone for a more realistic experience.

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