Days Gone Review: A Fun And Thrilling Game, Signifying Nothing!

                  Days Gone Review: It is one of the finest games by the Sony studio. However, sooner or later you will realize that Days Gone is just another the far cry game which is set in the B movie version of Last of US. You will have an amazing ride if you are ok with this.

It is a beautiful game set in rural North West Pacific. The people in the game are infected by a virus which turns them into doing something which doesn’t seem to be a zombie exactly. The survivors either hole up together in a paranoid community or drift from one compound to another, killing the infected for bounties.

Days Gone Review: Storyline

The lead protagonist is a rootless biker who takes all the work and activities. His activities include blasting monsters, thieves, and others. Moreover, the grievance for his dead wife, a botanist who came to study about plant life and ultimately fell for our sullen Hero. At the beginning of the game, his wife is badly wounded and she is airlifted to a medical tent. However, the medical tent was later infected by a deadly virus.

The gameplay is more or less similar to to the other games. You simply have to take up various activities and drive to that particular location and then shoot the one. After completing each mission, you will unlock a new map and also earn cash. This money can be used for upgrading the motorcycle and other items in the game. It is just like any other game where you have to unlock one mission after another.

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Moreover, the player can also enhance his skills like gripping weapons and others using this free cash. Meanwhile, you can do a lot of other activities like exploring the map and driving across the city. You can go hunting and collect some meat. The gameplay is really good and it all makes the game a wholesome pack.

The meat and other items collected during the free time can be traded in the community. The Ubisoft Far cry 5 players will surely recognize this kind of features. It has been taken from Far cry 5. The overall environment of the game is very good because of the landscape and beauty that has been included. There are use forests and greenery all around along with hills which is pleasing.

The swooping highways and the realistic weather conditions make the game even more interesting and fun to play. the motorcycle is the perfect vehicle which you will use to explore the map and carry out different missions. Just like you ride a horse in red dead redemption 2, the motorcycle will be your riding partner. You will have to periodic will get it repaired and also upgrade it.

This is a fine game but it wants us to closely admire the hero and the survival community. However, the player is almost unaware of them for the first 10 hours of the gameplay. To conclude, the game is really fun to play and is also thrilling at times. However, it doesn’t really signify anything.

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