Best Data Recovery Software : Recover Your Beloved Data Right Now!

  Deleting important files by mistake is a pain which can be felt by most people. For, if you have lost your files from your hard drive or accidentally deleted them then we have a solution to get them back. Yes, you read it correctly. You can now recover your deleted files using some simple data recovery software. Here is the list of best data recovery software.

Losing important data might be an accident or a software bug. In this case, you need the best data recovery software for a recovery tool to recover the important data back at any cost. At this point, all data recovery software comes in handy. You can choose free and paid solutions as per your need. Choose the best data recovery software from the list given below.

Best Data Recovery Software

1. Recuva

Recuva is one of the top names in the data recovery business. This data recovery tool has the ability to restore files from hard drive, DVDs, CDs, and even external drives. The software is really simple, which makes it one of the most sold data recovery software.

The basic new version will be able to recover files and folders for you, but if you pay a professional license fee of $20, you will get automatic updates, premium support, and support on your virtual drives.

2. Wide Data Recovery

Wise data recovery tool is one of the fastest tools among the best data recovery software. It comes with an easy and intuitive interface. Wise data recovery tool is a quick performing file scanner as well, during the recovery process but the availability of a deep scan mode would have been better.

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It can recover files from local drives, USB drives, cameras, Memory Cards and many more. It is one of the fastest data recovery tools and is compatible with all versions of Windows from Vista to 10.

3. Kroll On-track

Kroll Ontrack offers professional data recovery service. Considered to be a more professional tool than some of the others on the list, its compatible for both Windows and Mac OS. You can even start and stop your file recovery as and when is convenient for you. The basic version allows you to recover files up to 1GB only. The professional version is worth $100 and it lets you recover unlimited files.

4. Pandora Recovery

Pandora is one of the most reliable and effective best free data recovery software out there. It is very easy to use software and allows you to recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volume. With surface scan, you can hide, encrypt and compress the recovered files quickly. However, it’s file detection system is not that reliable and needs some improvement.

5. MiniTool Partition Recovery

Yet another one in a list of best data recovery software. It allows you to recover deleted files. Not only files but partitions. Yes, you can recover the entire partition which you have deleted by mistake using the mini tool partition recovery software. It also generates a recovery report which will let you know what the program has found to help you in data recovery.

6. Stellar Phoenix data recovery

Just like mini-tool partition, the stellar phoenix can recover partitions, data from encrypted drivers and many more. It is available for both Mac OS and Windows. For the privilege, you will have to pay a single system start of $80. However, the $100 version offers a premium package and you the option to repair the corrupted videos and photos. It might not be the cheapest option among the best data recovery software, but Stellar Phoenix data recovery is the best for professionals to use and recover files on the go.

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