Constitution Day And Citizenship Day 2019: History, Origin, Proclamation And More!

Constitution Day And Citizenship Day 2019: History, Origin, Proclamation And More!

Constitution Day And Citizenship Day 2019: Constitution Day And Citizenship Day are celebrated across the United States in order to commemorate the honor of creation and adoption of the constitution of the United States. The day is also called as Citizenship Day.  The day is a celebration to all those who are the citizens of the US either by their birth or naturalization. The day falls on September 17 in 1787 when 42 out of the 55 delegates of Constitutional Convention held a final meeting. After the four months of deliberate discussion and compromise like The Great Compromise of 1787, there was only one agenda left and that was to sign the constitution.


Usually, on Constitution Day & Citizenship Day the whole country observes a day holiday. If in case the day falls on the weekend then the holiday is granted on the next working day of the next week.

Convoluted History

Since the month of May in 1787, the 55 delegates had gathered for several days in State House in Philadelphia in order to revise the Article of Confederation which was rated in the year 1781. By the middle of June, this was decided among the delegates that only making amendments will not be sufficient. They decided to write a completely different document designed to clearly define and state the powers of State Government, power of the states, rights of the people and how the representative of people should be elected. After being signed in for September 1787,  Congress sent printed copies of the Constitution to the state legislatures for ratification. In the months that followed, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay would write the Federalist Papers in support, while Patrick Henry, Elbridge Gerry, and George Mason would be organizing the opposition for the constitution.

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Constitution Town, Louisville, Ohio that credited one of its residents for getting Constitution Day as a national holiday.

Origin of This Day

The day is also known as the Citizenship day which is from old “I am an American Day”. “I am an American Day” was inspired by the Arthur Pine who is ahead of the publicity public relations from the firm in New York City who bears his name. Pine has got the idea for a day from the song of the title “I am an American” which was featured in New York World’s Fair in 2019. However, in the year 1949, all of those 48 states had issued Constitution Day proclamations but on 29th February 1952. Congress moved that “I am American Day” as an official day of observance on 17th September which is known as Citizenship Day.

Constitution Day Presidential Proclamation

The President of the United States issues an official proclamation on witnessing the Constitution Day and the constitution week. On September 16,2016 the United States President Barack Obama issued the Constitution Day proclamation. On that day, Barack Obama said that as the USA is a country of immigrants thus the legacy should be rooted in their success. The contributions from all the citizens have helped them to live onto their founding principles. One should take pride in the diverse heritage and in our common creed, we positively accept the dedication to the values enshrined in the constitution. He added that we must respect this piece of document as it ensures the principles for coming generations.

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