‘Captive State’: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know!

              Aliens and dystopia have come up together to create a brilliant concoction of the upgrading events in the soon releasing film. The film has its name as “Captive State” and also by having the look on the promotional photos and trailers fans of productions like ‘The Purge’ and ‘Cloverfield’ are in for a treat. The film basically originates from the house of Rupert Wyatt who is known for his films like ‘Rise of the planet of the Apes’ and ‘The Gambler’. The new film focuses on a world set on a distant world which would be set in the coming future. Here in this world, the extraterrestrial forces have taken over mankind.

Origin And About the movie

The official synopsis of the film is set to reveal,” The Captive State is a sci-fi thriller set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after the extra terrestrial force occupies it.” Captive State uses a grounded sci-fi setting which is basically to depict the modern surveillance state. And also shows light on the threats to civil liberties and the role of dissent within an authoritarian society. To be more precise, the film aims at portraying what happens when it is already too late to show humanity. The world has been suffering with war, poverty, famine, and every post-apocalyptic crisis known to humanity.  But somehow it is the aliens who are able to wipe out this destruction from the planet and establish the order back again. They do so by watching our civilization from above. The process of taking care and controlling things on the ground is their new governing body, The Legislature.

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Amid all of this, it raises all of this a rebellious organization called the Phoenix, a member of which happens to be a Hero – Gabriel. It is played by the Oscar-winning Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders, as we find out in the latest trailer. Gabriel gets interrogated by Chicago Police Officer Mulligan (John Goodman). Right from the start, we come to know that Mulligan is overly passionate about the organization he works for and would do anything to please his alien overlords. The trailer also reveals a thing that there is no place for righteousness in the world. The worst people get their rights because they are able to snatch it but the good ones always suffer in many ways. As Gabriel is not even offered a lawyer for his interrogation. This raises the conflict from both sides of which we get in abundance, in the upcoming film.

Resemblance and Release Date

There is one thing more which is really very interesting is that it takes that giant object of aliens which floats overhead away and the film becomes a clear depiction of our contemporary society, afflicted with some of the most burning issues known to mankind. In its own way, the film also draws a great resemblance  from other masterpieces of the genre like ‘Arrival’ and ‘Colony’ blended with the ideas of propaganda movies, like ‘The Purge,’ and ‘V for Vendetta.’ The movie is to arrive in theaters on  March 15. It was written by Wyatt, alongside Erica Beeney.

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