Box Office: ‘Shazam’ $40 Million-Plus Opening Weekend Gross

        Warner Bros, creation is “Shazam” could only grow $40 million in ticket sales. This is when it hits American theatres on April 5, early tracking suggests. This is when hailing from DC’s arsenal of warriors, this movie is a famous Hollywood attempt to cash in on the golden age of superheroes at the Box Office. The movie follows the story of Billy Batson who is a teenager gradually transforming into a bubble gum superhero. This is only when someone says the magic word.

About the Movie

The movie “Shazam” is described as a cross between “Big” and “Superman,” it looks to be a lighter one. It has more of a comical approach when it is compared to DC’s less beloved Justice League adventures. “Shazam” is a product of multi-year course that is totally independent from DC Entertainment as the studio gives attempts to fashion. It is an alternative to the ironclad Cinematic Universe. DC has made us to deviate from the earlier times of raspy-voiced Batman shrouded with dark plot lines. And even from the darker film frames, successfully leading us to a place where a spotlight is on a certain bunch of heroes. Those also includes Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” and Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman.”

The movie “Shazam” is likely to come on the heels of the movie with the name “Aquaman”. It was the studio’s aquatic adventure that was able to rock the box office. It was able to gross about 1.4 billion dollars worldwide. In fact “Shazam” do not even need to reach such heights to get success. This is because it only carries a budget of around $80 million. Thus for being a hit, not many efforts are required here. The budget is before counting marketing and distribution, less than half of what it cost to make “Aquaman.”  Warner Bros. is continuously trying to build a buzz for the “Shazam” just as they tried to do in “Aquaman.” They are giving comic book nuts a chance to watch the movie on the big screens two weeks ahead of its official release date.

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Other Releases This Week

The studio partnered with Fandango with an objective of offering advance screenings in 1,200 locations on March 23. “Shazam” will open alongside Paramount’s supernatural horror cast. It is a horror movie named as “Pet Sematary” and STX’s drama “The Best of Enemies.” There are also other three movies which are already lined up for the release the very next week.  The names of the movies are Disney’s “Dumbo” remake and the third outing of Universal’s “Us.”

While we are expecting “Shazam” to likely rule the box office but there is also “Pet Sematary” which looks to have a solid start.  The second film adaptation of the Stephen King novel will make around $21 million to $28 million. This is estimated according to the industrial tracking and they will earn it during the third day of its release. Shazam is surely going to hit high on the box office. This is because there are continuous efforts and also the audience is showing great interests. Warner Bros; are obviously able to create a great buzz for the movie just as they did in the case of “Aquaman.”

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