Blade’s Shadow Game Streaming Service: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Gaming Rig

Blade's Shadow Game Streaming Service: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Gaming Rig

                Blade’s Shadow Game Streaming Service: Cloud gaming service has not become very popular as of now but it will be a game changer in the modern world. The complete concept of shadow streaming service for gaming is really unique. PlayStation and Nvidia have already started the cloud service for their platform. Google and Microsoft are giving up to join the league. There is another company which offers this service but is not as famous as Google or Microsoft. The company is known as a blade. They have started offering the shadow game streaming service a few time ago. We have discussed everything about Blade’s shadow game streaming service below.

What is shadow gaming?

Most people are not practically aware of the term Shadow gaming. What does it exactly mean? Shadow gaming is nothing but a cloud gaming server is which offers a high-end configuration and solve a major problem. In simple terms, you can access and play games on a virtual computer which has a very high-end specification. This is going to be a game changer in the gaming world. You can practically play the game on a high-end gaming PC without owning one.


Windows 10 PC with Eight-thread Intel Xeon CPU, Nvidia Quadro P5000 GPU/GTX 1080 graphics card, 12 GB RAM, and 256 GB Solid state drive.

The following specification seems to be a dream setup for most gamers. However, the cost to set up this PC would be enormous and is practically not possible for most people. But you can now play the game on this setup virtually. Seems to be a joke? It isn’t. This is what cloud gaming service means. The new Blade’s shadow game streaming service will help you access this gaming setup. You can play all the AAA Titanic games easily on this setup.

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Blade’s Shadow Game Streaming Service

Compatible Devices

The best part about Shadow game streaming services that it is compatible with a wide range of devices. The service is available for all the famous platforms including PC, MAC, IOS and Android. Your device must be up-to-date in order to run the latest Shadow app. It is a great service because you can switch devices and still continue the game from where you left on the previous device. Google demonstrated this amazing feature but Shadow did it much before.


One of the biggest worries about Blade’s Shadow Game Streaming Service is latency. However, we did not face any kind of issue while testing the game on the shadow of a few months ago. But weighted face a minor frame drop issue which was because of the distance which we had to the nearest blade server. There is no search latency issue if you reside in the same country or continent where the server has been set up. The performance of this cloud streaming service is quite good but varies with one’s internet connection.

Subscription Price

Blade’s Shadow Game Streaming Service is on the higher side and customers can choose an annual or monthly plan depending upon the budget and experience. The price of subscription has fluctuated a lot since the launch of the service. Currently, gamers can choose to enter the trial version for 10 days by paying just $10. After this, you cannot for a monthly or annual plan. The monthly charges of cloud gaming Shadow service are $35. Whereas, the annual plan costs $300. It is quite evident that the pricing is on the highest ride and you can even buy a PlayStation or Xbox One at this price. However, they cannot be compared to the Gaming rig which blade offers. Hence, you can go to the official website and start the trial version right now.

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