Avengers Endgame: 12 Things To Learn From The Marvel’s Epic Opus

Avengers Endgame: 12 Things To Learn From The Marvel's Epic Opus

               Avengers Endgame Things To Learn: There is a lot which is seen in the movie Avengers: Endgame. It is packed with many questions. Like who’s, where’s and when’s the movie is going to wrap up the series of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is quite adventurous and thus it is not surprising to know that people here have different opinions and also different questions.

Here in this article, there are things listed which we have learned from the movie Avengers: Endgame

Things To Learn From The Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame

  1. Captain Marvel can be seen busy elsewhere. This is like there are some other planets and they are quite important than literally time traveling in the Universe.
  2. There is a first word from Ant-Man in the Avengers: Endgame and that word are Hope.
  3. There is a traditional for Russso Brothers and the film has a number of cameos from the much-loved community Sitcom. In Endgame,  security guard role is being played by Ken Joeng, while Yvette Nicole Browne is seen playing a SHIELD employee.
  4. Here even Marvel was not expecting the audience to remember about The Dark World. The rambing speech from Thor has made about how his ex got encountered with the Infinity Stone.
    This was quite funny.
  5.  There are even no other scientists on this planet other than the Tony Stark and Hulk Banner, even though this it’s not even their field of expertise. They are said to be geniuses only when there are no space aliens around.
  6. Superheroes spend a lot of time-fighting all crimes, but not in the MCU. Here we will notice them fighting from space aliens, international techno-terrorists, mythical frost elves. This is something rare in the movie that we have ever seen anyone in  MCU actually go out and bust some honest-to-goodness criminals.
  7. Tony Stark will be seen as a mass murderer. Thanos and Obsidian Maw and his chums were not that nice but just two snaps that are wrong won’t make anything right.
  8. The father’s name of Black Widow was Ivan. She came to know of it when she was about to die. This may prove as a prequel of the movie.
  9. Hulk is both Hulk as well as Banner now. It will be so disappointing that after two solo movies, Hulk is able to save the day with a snap. The huge character changes feel like cheating.
  10. Everybody is just wanting to get retired to a farmhouse and have a daughter. This daughter is a dream for Tony, Hawkeye and also for Thanos anyway. Even Thor cannot be bothered as he lumps Valkyrie with some job.
  11. It will be seen that rich people always have privileges. The survival of Pepper Potts’ means that Tony Stark is already insulated from the snap. Thus he retires to his country state and also gets the family to be quite selfish.
  12. It will again seem in the movie that Peggy Cater is always going to give short shrift from Russos. They already had a chance to redress the balance after killing her off unforgivably in a text message in the Civil War. While it is also true that Endgame gifts Agent Cater a very happy ending.
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