All-Star Saturday Night; Winners and Losers with highlights

All-Star Saturday Night was held on February 16 that features the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, MTN DEW 3-Point Competition as well as ATT Slam Dunk. The tournament was aired live on TNT and has marked several best and worst moments. Through this article, we are going to tell you the winner as well as looser of the All-Star Saturday Night tournament.

Winner: Hamidou Diallo

Soreness shouldn’t influence into how striking a dunk is, but there’s rather about the Vince Carter elbow hang that makes you cringe at the time. Diallo did his specific analysis of that renowned Carter dunk on Saturday, and accomplished the contest in that very moment.

He initially commenced with a number of inescapably corny dunk competition add ons; Diallo ragged open his Oklahoma City jersey pre-dunk to disclose a logo of Superman and from the stand he called Shaq in order to jump over him.

The minute the dunk all move toward together, it seems to be not so much viscous calling himself Superman. It was quite astonishing looking at Diallo hanging on the rim and just five seconds after he run into his forearm through the net, opening his jersey to make public the logo.

He seems to be like a combination of superhuman and Vince Carter as well as most prominently, the one positive competitor in 2019’s dunk contest.

Loser: Dunk Competition Scoring

Unquestionably, Hamidou Diallo was considered to be the winner and he was endowed as such. But what came about before and after Diallo’s dunk was an adjudicating charade.

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It took three attempts for Dennis Smith Jr. to complete his leading dunk. If it was made on the first try then it was most likely to be valued a score of 40.

After taking a five-minute warm-up, across the board Smith was given nines for 45 total points.

John Collins still for his second dunk scored a 42. On the second try, Smith made his following try, a high-flying jump over a sit down J. Cole. That does make out to be total three misses and he was granted a perfect 50.

It was undoubtedly remarkable and there are several people out there who can appreciate a man, who dunked on J. Cole, but he still neglected, and the dunk itself wasn’t a 50 to arise with. Despite all the misses, he somehow made it to the final round.

Even with the several tries Smith never made his second last dunk. Then it took five tries for the Smith to join on his final dunk, which comprised Steph Curry tossing the ball and skipping over Dwyane Wade.

It’s not necessary that two great players will make for a great dunk, and five tries unquestionably doesn’t make for a extraordinary score. Apart from Smith got a perfect 50 on a dunk that procured further attempts than Diallo had in total on the night.

Loser: The Currys

It was the homecoming weekend for the Curry family, who with their many Charlotte draws, have the same aggregate of representatives in All-Star events such as Steph and Seth as the complete Hornets organization, Kemba Walker and Miles Bridges.

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Steph and Seth were together in the 3-point competition, providing the Curry family twice over the odds of winning the trophy. The statistics were also on their side as Seth being the third-best in the club and is shooting 46.5 per cent from deep this season whereas, Steph (44.4 this season) is the utmost shooter in the history of NBA. But all turn out to be double the odds of worsening, as a result double the odds of humiliation to the family.

Seth didn’t even make it out of the first round and concluded with the third poorest total. However, Steph made his entry to the second round, striking 19 straight 3s in the middle of the finish of the first round and the start of the second. But, Joe Harris eventually beat him out in the next round.

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