AI Powered DeepFake App Shuts Down Hours After Being Pulled Into Controversies

AI Powered DeepFake App Shuts Down Hours After Being Pulled Into Controversies

               DeepFake app has been taken down hours after getting into controversies. The application used artificial intelligence to create fake nude pictures of women. It claimed that the application used artificial intelligence technology to frame the real time features of the female body. In a tweet, DeepNude said that they greatly underestimated the use of such applications and that the chances of it being misused are very high. Hence, they have finally decided to take down the application forever.

DeepNude application is no longer available for download on any platform. Moreover, no new version or updates will be followed after the application got into the controversy. However, it is quite known that some online copies will surely come out and it will remain in circulation for quite some time. The team has warned people for sharing the application as it is against the policy of the app.

The application where is available for download on Windows and Linux. DeepFake used AI A logarithm to make fake nude pictures and it was applicable only for women. The software has been on sale for a few months now. A free version of the application is also available which puts a big watermark on the pictures stating that it is fake. The paid version also had a watermark but a relatively smaller one which could be easily cropped out.

A prominent blogging website covered this application yesterday and wrote how harmful it was for society as a whole. This sparked rows on social media. Even the developers had to come forward and criticize the application by saying that it is not very productive. There Vir various arguments that pictures can be manually trade used in much other software as well. However, the only concern with Deepak was that it made it really easy for people to make such pictures.

The after effects of this application is and was really bad because boys were misusing the application to bully girls. Some went to the extent of using these pictures in porn videos and there was almost nothing that a girl could do to stop spreading these videos.

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The developer of the application tried to defend himself by saying that the technology is enriching of anyone and many such applications are already available on the internet. Multiple applications will also come up once this is taken done. He confirmed that he will be taking down the application permanently to pull out of the controversy that it has created. He added that the application was not intended to harass people.

Later, the team tweeted about how the technology was being misused and they have decided to delete the application permanently. However, they started a fresh controversy by writing, “The world is not ready for DeepFake.”

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