A Big FaceTime Bug And Steps To Disable FaceTime On iPhone And Mac

disable the FaceTime option on your iOS

         The recent bugs in iOS updates have worsened the privacy concern of all Apple users. Apple’s flagship, FaceTime is going through a hard time and it has left all Apple users in a sensation of panic. Reports Claim that after the recent update, the FaceTime has conceived many bugs. The major one being that the FaceTime Callers can hear the voice of the people they are calling even before they pick up the call. This is a massive breach keeping in mind the privacy of the person being called.

This bug is being faced by both iPhone and Mac. Apple is currently working only fixes of this FaceTime bug. Till then, you should disable the FaceTime option on your iOS devices to secure your privacy. This is the only possible fix available as of now. This is a very big issue because someone can call you and listen to the voice without even the call being picked up. Hence, no one wants that the other person can track him down on the basis of the sound going on in his intermediate surrounding. Therefore, we advise everyone who is afraid of this issue to completely disable FaceTime until there is an official statement or update by Apple.

This is even a bigger issue for Mac users because the FaceTime call rings longer on Mac compared to other iOS devices. Hence, the person who is calling you can listen to the voice without even the call being picked up for a much longer time. There is also an option to disable FaceTime on Mac devices. Hence, you must do this right away to secure your privacy. Below are the steps to disable FaceTime on both iPhone and Mac.

How to disable FaceTime on iPhones?

FaceTime is available or not iOS devices by default. It helps you to connect two people having iOS devices. Moreover, the iOS 12 has enabled you to add more than 10 people at a single FaceTime call. Hence, you can have a group FaceTime. However, the same update turned out to be full of bugs. Hence, you must disable FaceTime by following the steps given below.

  • Open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and select the first time option.
  • Now navigate the toggle and switch off the FaceTime option.
  • That all, face time is now disabled on your device that no one can call you over this. Hence, you can easily bypass this FaceTime bug.

How to disable FaceTime on Mac?

FaceTime is also available on Mac devices for video calling on a big screen. As mentioned above, the FaceTime bug is a value dangerous for Mac users. Hence, you must follow the steps given below and disable live FaceTime option on your Mac.

  • Open the FaceTime application on your Mac
  • Now go to the left-hand top corner of the screen and select the settings option from the menu.
  • Now simply turn off the FaceTime option.
  • Hence, you are now probably safe.
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