8 Amazing Facts About The US Army You Probably Don’t Know!

  The army is one of the oldest and most respected institutions in the United States of America. The army is something which is respected by country. The save from all foreign threats and also from natural disasters. The army is a very serious topic for a country when it comes to global power. But let us tell you some amazing facts about the US army. Below are the eight amazing facts about the US Army.

8 Amazing Facts about the US Army

1. The US Army is older than the Country

Yes, you read it right, the American army is older than the country itself. America was formed on 4th July 1776. Whereas, the Army was formed in 1775 by the first president of America, George Washington. Next day George Washington was appointed as the commander in chief of the new US Army. He signed the command letter in Boston, on July 3rd.

2. If the US army were a city, it would be 10th largest In the US

If all the soldiers of the US Army were put together in a city, they would form the 10th largest city of The United States of America. There are over 1 million soldiers serving in the army.  Half of them are active soldiers, while others are those who reserve components for the army. If the army was put together in a city, they would leave behind California, Texas, Florida, San Francisco and many more in terms of population. Imagine the power of the US Army.

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3. The army is the 2nd Largest Employer

The US Army is the second largest employer in the United States of America after Walmart, which has a workforce of 2.2 million people. The US army has about 1 million soldiers and reserve people. It beats the third largest employer substantially. Yum Brands is the third largest employer with a workforce of 523000 employees.

4. They Consume nearly 1 billion gallons of fuel every year

The army needs a lot of fuel to operate like any other organization. a report says that the army uses more than 22 gallons of fuel every day, per soldier. You will be shocked to know that only one gallon per soldier was required during World War II.

5. Most Presidents Of the US has an Army Background

Among the 44 men who have served as the President of the US, had a Military Service background. just friend was started by the very first president of The United States of America, President George Washington.

6. If the lands owned by the Army was put together, it would be larger than Hawaii and Massachusetts combined

It is very surprising to know that the Army has a ton of infrastructure. They serve at 158 installations around the world and they own more than 15 Million acres of land across the USA. These awkward “State of Army.” All these land put together in form of a state, would be larger than Hawaii and Massachusetts combined together. Isn’t that an amazing fact about the US Army?

7. One third Army Soldiers are immigrants

The African-American soldiers constitute for one-tenth of the American army. The army would have had a tough time during the civil war if the immigrants didn’t join.

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8. Coco cola had engineers in the army

The Coca-Cola Company claims that many of its engineers were involved in world war 2. They serve the nation as the arm. Therefore, Coca-Cola launched a program to serve each and every soldier of the World War 2 for free. The launched the program in which the distributed more than 5 billion bottles of coke to the soldiers. They also had set up a separate plant for manufacturing these bottles. All these facts make the US Army amazing and wonderful.

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