5 Best Alternatives Of The ShowBox App : Similar Apps Like Showbox

5 Best Alternatives Of The ShowBox App : Similar Apps Like Showbox

  Showbox is considered to be one of the most famous platforms to watch movies and latest TV series. Showbox app is free entertainment platform which you can use anytime, anywhere. However, there are instances where the Showbox App gets down for maintenance. People who love watching movies and TV series do not like this interruption in their entertainment. Therefore, you can consider some alternatives of Showbox to continue your entertainment. Here is the list of best alternatives of Showbox app which will help you to watch the latest movies and TV series for free.

These Showbox alternatives will ensure non stop entertainment. We have selected the best-rated entertainment platforms which have the latest content and is updated regularly. So are you looking for some quick alternatives of Showbox? Here is the list.

Best alternatives of the ShowBox App

1. Playbox HD

This is perhaps the best showbox app alternative. If you do not use the showbox app much, you will not be able to differentiate between these two apps. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV series on this showbox alternative. the app is absolutely free of cost and allows you to stream all the movies in full HD format. Hence, Download the playbox app today and continue non stop entertainment. The only downside of this application is that it gets UI  transformations regularly, which makes it difficult to use for the new users.

2. CinemaBox

This is another showbox app alternative which you can trust blindly in terms of entertainment. It is one of the most simple application to watch free movies and TV series. The Cinema box App also allows you to download your favorite content on your mobile phone so that you can enjoy it later offline. Besides, there are many other attractive features which makes Cinema box one of the best showbox app alternative. Additionally, the subtitles in various language add to the convenience.

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3. Popcorn Time

The most notable feature of this application is perhaps the interface. Is this seems like the Netflix which comes for free. You can download and stream your favorite movies and TV shows. All the latest TV series from famous websites are shown on the popcorn time App. There is also a feature using which you can sort the content of this app. Additionally, you can see the subtitles of all movies in various languages.

4. Streaming Hub

As the name suggests, Streaming Hub is one of the best application using which you can stream your favorite movies. It is simple and intuitive. there is an option using which you can directly share your favorite content with your friends and download them all at one place. The inbuilt Download Manager allows you to manage all the files you have downloaded using the streaming hub app. This makes it one of the best alternative to the showbox app. The only con that was found in this app is the slow server speed. You will face a slow net connection problem while downloading movies. Hence, we recommend you to use a Wi-Fi connection while downloading movies.

5. Sky HD

This is a paid app and therefore is not quite popular as a showbox app alternative. However, you want quality content and features this app is for you. Sky HD app is known for the video quality it provides. It is better than all above mentioned apps, the only thing is that it is paid. Therefore, we have added it at the end of our list. This would have been the best showbox app alternative provided it was free. Subtitles will help you to understand movies better. You can even download movies to watch them later.

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