Top 5 Zoom Tips To Follow On Next Video Meeting Or Chatting

The global pandemic has forced all the companies across the world to encourage work from home culture. Video conferencing is a very important aspect of meeting and also a casual happy hour with a friend. Zoom is one application that has seen massive growth in the recent 2 months. The application was hardly known by people a few weeks ago and now it has become a necessity for all the organizations. So we have come up with some quick tips for all people using zoom for video conferencing. It is better to know all the features before you start your next meeting.

Tips to Follow On Next Zoom Meeting

Zoom app tips

1. Change Background

It is not a good option to show the fancy walls of your house during an important meeting. Having a better background is always recommended to look more professional. Hence, zoom allows you to change the background virtually. The users can go to the setting and simply choose the background of your choice. It is a great option because you can choose a custom background.

2. Share screen

If you are planning to give a presentation on video conferencing, you can start sharing your screen with the people on the call. All you need to do is click on the share screen option. The application will start recording your screen and show it to all other connected people. Moreover, users have the option to either share the entire screen or just a specific application like MS PPT. Users also get the option to pause the screen recording in order to reduce the awkwardness while switching between applications.

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3. Share Screen Simultaneously

Another great feature on the Zoom video conferencing app is that you can share multiple screens. So if you have more than one person displaying a PowerPoint presentation for comparing two documents, this option plays a vital role. All you need to do is make sure that the host has allowed sharing multiple screen recording on the call. It is one of the best ways to clarify multiple points at a time.

4. Record your meetings

Zoom also allows the users to record the entire meeting or some specific part of it. This is a great option to keep a future reference for the meeting and remember what all were discussed during the meeting. Moreover, it is a great feature for those people who are having online classes over zoom. Hence, students can record the entire lecture and keep it for their future reference. The recording is saved on the PC locally.

5. Enable  Gallery View

The application allows you to connect with more than 20 people in a single video conference. It is not possible to view every single screen individually. By default, the screen keeps rotating and the live camera of each participant is displayed. However, it is not a convenient option if multiple people are connected and they are trying to explain the points simultaneously. Hence, you can click on the gallery view icon at the right-hand top side of the screen to watch all the screens simultaneously.

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