Pop Idol star and West End actor Darius Campbell Danesh Dies At 41

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Darius Campbell Danesh, the Scottish artist who acquired distinction on the debut time of Pop Idol kicked the bucket on Tuesday at Just 41.

reason for death was not uncovered, the family made sense of there were "no indications of intent or suspicious circumstances" encompassing Danesh's passing and that "the reason for his unexpected demise is obscure at this stage while clinical assessments proceed."

Danesh featured in different West End productions all through his life, including the famous musicals Funny Girl, Gone With the Wind, Guys and Dolls and Chicago inverse America Ferrera.

In the wake of completing third on the reality talent show Pop Idol back in 2002, Danesh proceeded to go his U.K. chart-topping single "Colourblind" that July. That very year, he delivered his most memorable collection, named Dive In, and a subsequent Title named Live Twice in 2004.

He was born in Glasgow to a Scottish mother and Iranian father, Campbell Danesh appeared on the reality show “Popstars” in 2001.Danesh was married to actress Natasha Henstridge for two years beginning in 2011.