US Presidential Election 2020 Polls: Trump Vs Biden, Who is Ahead?

As the US presidential election 2020 is approaching, the pressure and tension between Democratic challenger Joe Biden and Republican president are increasing day by day. Mr Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016 and has successfully completed his four years of rule over the nation. Now, the four years term is about to end and a new candidate will be selected for the post of the US President. The nation is also getting a chance to give Donald Trump another opportunity to run and lead the country for another four years if they want. This 2020 presidential election is now finally going to make a big decision in just a few days.

US Election 2020

Presidential Election 2020: Trump Vs Biden

As you must be known by now, that the current US President Donald Trump has been challenged by the nominee from Democratic Party, Joe Biden. Right now, Joe Biden is leading Republican president in the national polls. Joe Biden has dedicated himself in US politics since the 1970s and was also popularly known as the vice-president of Barack Obama.

The American voters are going to make a big decision on November 3, to elect their next president. This is that ultimate time when they are going to decide that for the next four years, will Donald Trump stays in the White House or a new president will lead the country.

Also, Donald Trump has been recovered from the Covid-19 since he was taken to the hospital for the treatment on October 2. Though, it is not clear that it might affect the presidential race or not if there is any.

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As the month of October is about to end, the election day is approaching very close day by day. And now the polling companies are scaling the current mood of the citizens of the US to find out which presidential candidates they are preferring the most. As of now, almost every US national polls are indicating that more than half of the US citizens are expecting Joe Biden to make a lead against Donald Trump.

In most of the election or national polls, Joe Biden has been seen moving ahead of Donald Trump in ever since this year has been started. In the recent few months, Joe Biden has gained around 50 per cent along with having a 10-point lead against Donald Trump on almost all the occasions. Even the recent polls results are in the favour of Joe Biden and he still seems to be the favourite US president in the next coming US president.

What US Election 2020 Polls Says?  

The election polls are almost quite accurate and most of the time predicts the correct result. It helps in guiding what the nation actually wants and who they are looking for as their next president. It is not necessary that the polls will predict the right result but it can definitely tell you about the candidates’ popularity in the country and do people prefer to have that candidate as their next President or not.

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As per to the latest polling results, it is mostly expected that Democratic candidate Joe Biden might lead this upcoming election. The chances of Joe Biden winning the election are quite high and solid. If the state polls are will give the same result on the election day then it is suggested that the Democratic challenger Joe Biden will get the feat in two states for sure such as Michigan and Wisconsin and Arizona. These states have been voting in the favor of Republican recently and if Joe Biden gets the gain here, then it will be a huge success for the Democratic Party.

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However, whatever the polls say, the main decision will be taken on the election day by the citizen of the country. On November 3, it will be decided whether the Americans will give Donald Trump another chance to lead the country for the next four years or else a new President (Joe Biden) of the US will be elected to stay in the White House.

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