These Are The Top 5 Best Vlogging Cameras Of 2019

               Best Vlogging Cameras of 2019: Vlogs how to become really popular nowadays. There are thousands of social media influencers who regularly make vlogs on their trips. The trend of making vlogs started with the introduction of Instagram and so-called Instagram influencers. However, Vlogs ask something which is really appreciated by the individuals because it gives the outlook of the place where the video has been taken. Are you are a buzzing social media influencer or you wish to be one? Grab the best vlogging cameras of 2019 and start making vlogs. We have listed down the best blogging cameras of 2019 below.

Best Vlogging Cameras Of 2019

1. Panasonic Linux GH5

Panasonic Linux GH5 is one of the Best Vlogging Cameras Of 2019. It is a powerful and versatile camera which can capture videos and images in any condition. It has been designed to capture special images and video. The camera has a lot of features and requires an experienced photographer to handle it efficiently. It has 20.3 MP micro four thirds, the capability to capture 4K videos, five-axis image stabilization and what not. The camera is completely loaded with top end features which make at the best option to make high-quality vlogs.

2. Sony A7 3

It is a top-notch device built for both capturing stable images as well as high-quality videos. Sony A7 3 is full frame body camera with in body image stabilization sensors. The device combines amazing image quality and 4K video shooting. Moreover, the 24-megapixel camera lens adds to the flavor. It has dual SD card slots which shows that you do not run out of memory while making your vlog. Vlogs are essentially lengthy and require a lot of memory. Hence, you can choose this device for dual memory storage space and some amazing features and stabilizers.

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3. Sony Cyber-Shot RX100

This is a compact option in our list of best vlogging cameras of 2019. Sony cyber shot is a small camera which has some great features. The camera has been specially designed for people who love traveling around the world and capturing the beautiful images of nature. However, the camera lacks a microphone Jack which is quite disappointing when we see it from Vlogging in point of view. It retails at around $800 and is available on all the popular online retail stores. It has a 20-megapixel camera and a number of Axis stabilizer which makes the picture quality better.

4. Panasonic Linux G7

Panasonic Linux G7 is a budget-friendly vlogging camera. It who has launched three years ago and it still has the best in class features are a relatively low cost. It retails at around $500 and is suitable for both beginners and professional people. However, we recommend beginners to go for this Panasonic Linux G7 camera because of it’s easy user configuration and cheap price. It has 4K recording enabled and can also capture 180-degree tilt images. Moreover, the device also has a microphone Jack which makes it perfect for shooting vlogs. The device results perfectly when combined with monopods or tripods.

5. Canon EOS M6

Talking about the best vlogging cameras and not taking the name of the canon is impossible. Canon EOS M6 is a compact camera which has been designed particularly for making vlogs and shooting 1080p videos. The autofocus feature of this camera is the most popular. Moreover, the price range is also not too expensive and we recommend this camera for all the beginners because of the easy to use features. It retails at around $600 and has all the lens and stabilizers included in the price tag. The only downside is that you cannot shoot videos in 4K quality. Hence, you will have to choose the best device which fulfills all your needs.

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