These 5 Best Food Delivery Apps Will Sure Make Your Meal Better

These 5 Best Food Delivery Apps Will Sure Make Your Meal Better

  Ordering food online has become a new trend in recent years. The online food Industry is booming. Those days are gone when we had to call individual restaurants and order food. Nowadays if you are hungry, you can easily browse through the apps on your smartphone and get food delivered at your doorstep. Are you confused which is the best food delivery? Don’t worry, below is the list of best food ordering apps which should consider.

Used in the online food delivery apps ensures that you are not limited to the restaurants which you know. You cancel please enter your location and see all the available restaurants around you. The apps also give you the option to search item wise in your location. At the end of the day, we want the best food delivery app, which has the widest range of restaurants and has maximum offers for the customers. Here is the list of best online food delivery apps.

5 Best Food Delivery Apps

1. Seamless

This is probably the best food delivery app in a list. We say this because you get a wide range of restaurants serving you in more than 600 cities across the United States. Additionally, you don’t have to pay any delivery fees while ordering food online. Isn’t that amazing? You may also get some amazing in-app Discount offers.

2. Grubhub

GrubHub is another amazing food delivery app which shows in almost 900 cities. Issues you a wide variety of restaurants near your location. You can search item wise or restaurant wise on the map. GrubHub is available on both IOS and Android platform. the app is absolutely free of cost however some restaurants may charge you a delivery fee. However, you will not often find a discount offer on GrubHub. Offers are live only in festive seasons like Christmas.

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3. DoorDash

It is not as big as the GrubHub or seamless app. Doordash serves in limited Cities compared to the other delivery apps. However, they maintain a score for every restaurant depending upon the delivery timing store popularity and feedback from the customer. Additionally, door dash shows you the restaurants according to the score. The delivery charges depend and vary from restaurant to restaurant. You can add an additional tab for the delivery boy using the tip me feature on the door dash app.

4. Uber Eats

This is probably one of the biggest name and the food delivery industry. It is a standalone app which shows in many cities across the US. Besides, it operates globally. From the cab service giant, uber have been in the food delivery industry with a powerful presence and popularity. So if you love taking rides in Uber, you would probably love them to deliver your food too. Uber Eats has the brightest category of restaurants and they charge $5 per delivery, making it the most expensive app in this segment. It is available on both Android and IOS devices. So, grab your food today. They are also known for their amazing offers. You will get some amazing coupons on your email or phone number, which will help you fetch a decent discount on your next order.

5. Delivery.Com

This is probably one of the safest delivery apps. Besides food delivery, anything from groceries to wine to your home. Hence, it goes beyond the general food delivery apps and also doesn’t charge you any fees like GrubHub and seamless. Its app is available on both Android and IOS platform and also a website is available as its name suggest. They just charge a percentage of the pre-tip total. You will often find some Discount Coupons on the internet.

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