Some Interesting Facts About Washington And Eagles In NFL History

Some Interesting Facts About Washington And Eagles In NFL History

  The National Football League (NFL) is a proficient American football club comprising of 32 teams. It was found 98 years ago, on 20th August 1920. The NFL is a very popular league which is one of the chief professional sports leagues in North America. It is also the uppermost professional level of American football across the world.

With NFL’s 98 years of history, there were various matches between teams which created a lot of buzz. Same as ‘Washington Redskins’ and ‘Philadelphia Eagles’ teams who have faced off 167 times in their history. These two teams were established in just one year of the gap, Washington Redskins in 1932 and Philadelphia Eagles in 1933. Before moving to D.C they both were the Boston Redskins for the first five seasons.

Here are some facts about Washington and Eagles in the NFL history:

Washington Lost with the Worst Score in NFL history

In the year 1940, Washington hosted the Championship Game on 8th December against the Chicago Bears in the home stadium, Griffith Stadium. It was the eighth title game of NFL with a sell-out aptitude presence of 36,034 audiences.

The Chicago Bears recorded eleven touchdowns and won the match with 73–0. This game made a record in NFL history with the most one-sided victory. Washington even after trying hard could not get on the board and lost the match with worst score ever in NFL history.

Eagles scored more overall points against Washington than any other club

In the history of Washington and Eagles, 167 face offs, Eagles was the one to score more overall points against Washington. Eagles were the only team to score more than Washington in the league. The overall points of Washington were 3,323, whereas, the overall points of Eagles was 3,323.

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Eagles defeated Washington in the team’s last home game

Washington called Griffith Stadium their home from 1937-1960 and had played 145 games on the stadium. In 1960, it was going to be the last season game to be played in Griffith Stadium and Washington was hosting the tournament.

Washington had to say goodbye to their 23-year home field after losing against the Eagles with the score of 38-28. It became surprising when eagle finished 1960 season with a score of 10-2 where Washington battled to survive at 1-9-2.

Compared with Washington, the Eagles have more First-team All-Pro selections

The Eagles claimed to have 75 First-team All-Pro (AP1) selections equated to Washington which has 64 selections. Eagles lead in AP1 selections, but Washington has made more all-time Pro Bowl selections with 291 while Eagles have 268 selections.

Inclusively, the Eagles have had 124 players combined with 75 First-team All-Pro selections and 268 total Pro Bowl selections. While Washington has 158 players combined with 64 First-Team All-Pro selections and 291 total Pro Bowl selections.

Eagles got lead against Washington in overall playoff runs

The two NFC East teams Eagles and Washington have accounted only one playoff. The playoff between Eagles and Washington was held in January 1991 where Washington won with the 20-6 score.

These two NFC East teams have only met in the playoffs one time, with Washington getting the win 20-6 in January 1991. In spite of that, the Eagles essentially got one more playoff run than their corresponding team as well as one further session championship.

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