Pro Tips For New Crypto Traders 2018-19; Things to know before investing your money!

 Crypto is a word which lures and attracts most young people willing to earn quick money. But remember money can never be earned quick until you have been analyzing the market for years. Sometimes even people with 50 years of experience end up in miserable losses. So before entering the world of cryptocurrency take a note of the basics of investing or trading.

The best way of getting knowledge about cryptocurrency market is reading. Read the mistakes that most people make because a mistake is the only weapon which helps you improve further in life. This is why we have brought “3 common mistakes people do while investing in cryptocurrency.”

The volatility in cryptocurrencies is the major reason why most people make a loss. But let us tell you that volatility can also be used to earn really quick money. But it depends on one’s knowledge and also has some luck factor.

So if you are trying to enter the cryptocurrency market just keep in mind that cryptocurrency is not only about Bitcoins. Bitcoin is just one of the cryptocurrencies which have become very popular because of the price hike unparalleled. Just 6 months ago Bitcoins had touched its all-time high price of $19000 which attracted people from all around the world.

But since then things didn’t go in its favor. Bitcoin or cryptocurrency was banned in many countries over the growing concern of money laundering across the border. Bitcoin is currently trading at $6200. It saw the steepest fall in the last 6 months because of the constant outflow of money from the system.

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Main things to keep in mind while investing in cryptocurrencies:-

  • Never be limited to a single cryptocurrency, like a major misconception among new traders is that they invest their whole money in just one coin. But this increases the risk probability too much. Diversify your portfolio as much as you can.
  • Don’t be attracted by the price hikes of a coin in recent days. Look at the market capitalization for getting a rough knowledge on how the cryptocurrency is performing. Because what goes up comes down and vice versa.
  • Do not trade in volatile markets always try to keep a long-term vision. “The long-term vision” is the key factor which has established major people and is needed in anything when it comes to making money. Money is hard earned, it doesn’t come quickly. You just need to hold and know the correct time to enter and exit.
  • Are you new to the cryptocurrency market? Don’t worry just keep in mind the points we mention and you are all set to go and make money in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Buy on dips. The key secret to making money and have the safest bet follow this point very seriously. Do not invest your whole money at a single go. Divide your money into few parts say 4-5 and then buy every time the prices of cryptocurrencies come time.

More things to Note if you are new to cryptocurrencies:-

Always keep an eye on the news when you are investing in share market or cryptocurrencies. Beware of all the things going across the world which can affect the price of cryptocurrencies. Analyze which news can have a positive or a negative effect on the prices. And make your moves accordingly.

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Never sell your cryptocurrencies in a panic-driven market: most people lose money when they start selling their amount in panic. Just maintain a strict stop loss while investing.

If you are trying to enter the cryptocurrency market just keep these points in your mind and you are all set to cherish in the world of diversifying cryptocurrencies. Afterall crypto is the future currency which will be adopted by everyone.

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