How To Win $5,000 Prize By Completing The Kroger Feedback Survey?

  Kroger is the largest retail chain in the US. The company is huge and is the third largest retail chain in the world. Besides, it is the second largest private employer with more than 443000 employees. Maybe you shop at the Kroger outlets regularly. Did you know that Kroger has launched a survey and you can win $5000 prize using it? Here is how you can win $5000 prize by completing the Kroger feedback survey.

Kroger wants to know how you feel about their products and services. Surveys play a very important role in shaping a brand. True feedback helps the company buckle up their mistakes and proceed further with expansion. The Kroger feedback survey is meant to gather information about the performance of the company in the current scenario.

Kroger Feedback Survey: Win $5000 prize

There are two main reasons why you should participate in this Kroger feedback survey.

Firstly, the Kroger feedback survey is giving you the opportunity to win a Grand price. Winning a grand $5000 price by just spending 4-5 minutes is amazing. These prizes are given in the form of Kroger gift cards. You can use these gift cards for shopping at the supermarkets and stores. The winner is selected through a lottery system. Therefore, it is all about luck. Spending 4 to 5 minutes for testing your luck causes no harm. Some get the grand prize, while some other get gift cards worth $100. If you have been to the Kroger stores, you might know that even $100 is not less.

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Secondly, you get a chance to interact with the management team of Kroger through feedback survey. These feedbacks will help the customers itself in the long run. So if you want some improvements to be made in services, you should participate in this Kroger feedback survey.

Eligibility criteria of Kroger Feedback Survey

The most important Criteria for you to participate in the Kroger feedback survey is that you just need to have shopped at their shop in last one week. This is because you need to enter the survey invitation code, mentioned on the bill while logging into the Kroger feedback site. Once you login, the survey form will be displayed and you can proceed with the feedbacks. We recommend you to give true feedbacks because it will help you as a customer in the long run. Moreover, a true feedback has more chances for you to win the prize. You can also participate in this survey by mailing them the form along with the code. Besides, manually posting it to their address is also an option.

Steps to Participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey

You can participate in this server using any device with internet connection.

Make sure that you have a valid receipt with the survey invitation code mentioned on it.

  • Now simply go to the Kroger feedback website.
  • Enter the date and time you last visited the Kroger supermarket.
  • Then enter the invitation code mentioned on the received
  • Click start and the survey window will open.
  • First provide your personal information like name, email ID etc.
  • Then start filling up the survey questions.
  • Simply click on the option which you think is apt.
  • The entire will take not more than 5 minutes.
  • Once done, click on submit.
  • Your name will be forwarded for the lucky draw event.
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If you are lucky enough, you shall win the Grand price of $5000. Besides, the one who secures the first position, after the Grand winner, gets a gift card worth $100. There is no mentioned limitation to the number of entries one person can make. So, if you have multiple invitation codes, you can fill up multiple surveys. This will increase the probability of you winning the survey.

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