Hotel Mumbai Box Office Collection, Total Worldwide Earning Report

                Hotel Mumbai Box Office Collection: Many new movies have also got its release this weekend in the Box office. To this, the Movie “Hotel Mumbai” has also got its release in the theatres this Friday.  The movie is a make based in 26/11 terrorist attacked which happened in Mumbai. The whole world gets shocked whenever they hear about this attack. So, finally, the movie gets its release and doing its whole good in world wide. Well on this topic there are many movies that had already released but this time you will surely get amazed. This is because the movie is quite real and makers have tried to show it that real as well. The real pain of the victims is depicted in the movie.

Gross at Box office

In the very first day of having the release, the movie was able to attract a great audience and get the well opening. On the first day, the movie got a collection approximately 2.3 Crore and also made the Makers Happy. Movie is moving ahead with the good occupancy and people are going to theatres to enjoy the Movie.

If we talk about the story then we already told you that this movie makes in the real incident of 26/11. In Mumbai 26/11 is the black day for all because in this day in Taj Hotel of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and have killed many Innocent people. After that India catch them terrorist. They were really punished.

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So, if you are free on this weekend then you should go to theaters and watch the movie. We are pretty sure that you love the Movie and get entertain. Also, you get the idea that how painful to lose our country citizens in terrorist attacks. Stay tuned with us.

Hotel Movie Ratings 

‘Hotel Mumbai’ is an Action Thriller movie which is directed and edit by Anthony Maras and the produced by Basil Iwaynk, Garry Hamilton, and Andrew Ogilvie. The Movie is starting by Dev Patel, Armie Hammeq, Anupam Kher and Suhail Nayyar.

Story Based on

It is a thriller form on the chilling events that  just got unfolded during the Mumbai attacks in 2008, Hotel Mumbai stars Dev Patel and Armie Hammer in pivotal roles.

Positive Points of the Movie

The positive points of the movie has good direction work with a good storyline. The screenplay is quite amazing.

Negative Points of the Movie

The negative points in the movie include the music is not so well, editing is normal and also the cast work is average.

Final Verdict

So, in the Final Verdict we will we are tell you that if you want to see the ‘Taj Hotel’ terrorist Attack then we this is the Right time to see the incident and in this movie the Makers show you the pain of that people who was staying on Taj Hotel in that time. So, if you see the movie then we are sure you will love the Movie and get entertain. And for the latest updates stay tuned with us and scrolls our pages.

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